No DSD512 Sound with my iDSD micro

Hello Roon-Fans :grinning:

i have a big problem to get my iDSD play DSD512. The problem is that i get no sound out of it. DSD256 works totally fine but if i switch to DSD512 (native DSD is active and i can select DSD512 in upsampling) there is no sound.

May someone have a hint for me?

Thanks and many greetings from Europe

My system:
Mac OS 10.13.3
iFi Audio iDSD Micro
Roon Endpoint: Raspberry Pi 3 with Allo Gui DietPi

Can you post a screen shot of your signal path when you’re attempting to play something at DSD512?

Also, the support folks will want to know more details about your setup, as described in this post:

I have the same DAC. You need a lot of CPU to get DSD512. My i5 Mini can’t do it and neither could a dual Xeon.

Thanks a lot for your posts :slight_smile:

I’m running my Roon Core on a MacBook Pro Mid 2015 with an Intel I7 QuadCore 2,2GHz and 16GB RAM.
So do you think this is not enough to upsample to DSD512? :open_mouth:

Not sure if this helps but allo bridge says it is only DSD256…

I couldn’t do it with dual Xeon motherboard with a clock of 2.6G. Your clock seems low. However, i7 architecture is different, so that might be OK.

I’m using a normal Raspberry Pi without the Allo USB Bridge. Maybe the Raspberry Pi is not capable of DSD512?
I thought it has to be cause i am able to select the DSD512 setting. If i connect the iDSD directly to my MacBook Pro than i’m not able to select DSD512 (DSD256 is max).

If DSD512 is green in Settings->Device setup->Bit perfect format, then you’re good to go as far as transport goes. I use RPis in my endpoints. It’s probably your clock.

RPi can stream DSD512 to my OPPO Sonica DAC Native no issues… Ive used both i5-6500 with Linux and i7-7700 with Windows and via NUC7i7BNH with ROCK So its not the RPi. Via LAN 100Mb … Wifi will not cut it at DSD512… DSD256 can on wifi.

An i5-6500 has a base clock of 3.2 and an i7-7700’s clock is 3.6. Even if you are using Ethernet the problem will still be your CPU; it’s not fast enough, IMHO.

Yes, but Linux native DSD out is on a device by device basis as the kernel needs to be updated. Are you sure the iDSD has been implented?

@Rugby This was what I was replying to…sorry for the confusion…the iDSD I have no experience with.

Perhaps not as fast as ideal, but it’s operable.

Not for DSD512.

The results beg to differ This while streaming at DSD512 up sampled from Tidal to an OPPO Sonical via USB on a RPi3 LAN connected running Ropieee. The same PC setup also runs ROCK quite happily too.

Anyway not to hijack the OP’s issue - the RPi is more than capable to deliver DSD512 to a USB connected DAC assuming that the DAC is capable of DSD512 and that the RPI OS supports the DAC up to that rate. Some DAC’s are not supported at their maximum capabilities. The OPPO Sonica on a MAC will only do DSD256 for example.

Interesting @wizardofoz but your (good) metrics upsampling to DSD512 are about Roon Server on AMD PC (DietPi powered) setup isn’t it ?

Which CPU are you using, could you give us details about your HW / SW server setup ?
I presume load metrics on the RPI (Ropiee powered) is very low while playing DSD512, network interface performance is the only critical point on the endpoint.

its am MSI H110 AC PRO mobo with Samsung Evo 860 NVMe M.2 256GB and i5-6500 processor and 16GB Ram nothing that special just LAN and Power connected no Wifi.

You’re misreading this post.

The pictures are very pretty, but it isn’t about the RPi or Linux. It’s about the clock speed.

If you read the link I supplied, you will understand that the OP’s clock of 2.2 is too anemic. All the CPUs you have referenced have a clock of at least 3.2. Of course you can upsample to DSD512.

And you are missing the point of my post that the RPi is not the issue

The confusion you might be having is that I run DiepPi (AMD64) on my -i5-6500 but Ropieee on the RPi :smile:

@Dominik_Peter I do agree with @xxx that a 2.2GHz cpu will probably not cut it for DSD512… what is the processing indicated in the audio path? Do you have the Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulation checked?

You need to have a processing speed indication of at least 1.3 or more to use the DSP processing be it for filters or up sampling or whatever. Anything less and you will be getting stuttering or no play perhaps too.

If your hardware is falsely indicating that DSD512 is available then that too would give you no sound or perhaps noise.