Playback issues after 1.6

Hi team,

I’ve been loving the new 1.6 update, so I’ll start with a big thank you.

With respect to the issues I’m facing, my network setup is as follows:

Path 1 -
NAS -(Cat 7)-> Switch-(Cat 7)-> Nucleus+ -(Cat 7)->Switch -(Cat 7)-> Access Point --> Windows PC --(USB)–> Speakers

Path 2
NAS -(Cat 7)-> Switch-(Cat 7)-> Nucleus+ -(Cat 7)-> Switch -(Cat 7)-> Auralic G2-(USB)–> Speakers

Path 3 -
NAS -(Cat 7)-> Switch-(Cat 7)-> Nucleus+ -(Cat 7)->Switch -(Cat 7)->Router -->Wifi (to Sonos and other wifi remotes

On Path 2 and 3 everything seems to work fine, without any cutouts or issues.

On Path 1 - Ever since the update I get huge static bursts, and sometimes the track turns into nothing but pure static. Every track I play stays in static when I get to this point. When I restart the Roon remote, it works for a little bit until it flips back into static. This has made operating Roon in this room completely impossible given I barely get a few minutes of music before I hit a static wall.

I assume there is something on the PC conflicting with the remote because my other paths work fine. I’ve additionally tried putting the PC on the WiFi path, and experienced the same issues as well, so its not an issue with the network path as far as I can see.

Funny thing I have nearly the same issue, since downloading 1.6 weather playing tidal music or my own music Roon May play 2 maybe 4 tracks and the system bursts into static.
Turn the music server (Antipodes DX) off and re-boot and system plays for a few more tracks then more static!
I am now playing music through another music server no Roon same DAC and Preamp, guess what no static,
How many more of us have this issue.

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Hello @Mohamed_Al_Khalifa,

Can you please provide some more information regarding your setup using this thread as a guide?

What kind of speakers are you outputting to? What is your Access point in path 1? What is your Router model/manufacturer? Does your network follow our Networking Best Practices Guide?


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Thanks @noris @support

Yes my network is setup in accordance with the guide.

Relevant network information. Library is stored on a NAS. Network devices are as follows

1 - Nas - Synology 3617xs
2. Router - Asus 88u
3. AP - Asus 68u
4. Roon - Nucleus Plus
5. Switch - XS708T
6. Firewall - Pfsense (sits at the Wan level, before traffic is passed in Path 1, Igmp not configured)
7. PC - Windows - Output to Audioengine D1 (DAC) and Audioengine A5+ speakers.

All network paths are cat-7

I will update this post with photos of the settings on the effected output path tomorrow.


Thanks for providing that overview @Mohamed_Al_Khalifa.

You mentioned that this goes from Access Point -> PC in Path 1, so I would also try connecting the PC via Ethernet to the switch to see if that helps as a temporary test. If it helps we know to take a closer look at the Access Point.

– Noris

Thanks @noris - I’ve attached the photos. I’ll be testing the direct path soon.

@noris the direct path test didn’t need to be as extensive as I thought it would, it cut to static after 1 track, so the AP wasn’t the issue.

I believe the issue is entirely with a conflict on the windows PC or the D1 DAC because none of the other devices connected to the Roon across any of the paths displays the static flood issue.

I’ll attempt to bypass the D1 by running Roon to a bluetooth headset instead.

@noris - The Bluetooth test (to Jabra Elite 65t Actives) started pushing out an entirely new problem - instead of cutting to a static flood, Roon now partially plays then skips the track and reports “…Media is loading slowely. This may indicate a network or connectivity problem.” It displays this behavior with both Qobuz and library tracks.

I’ll try running a new Cat-7 in case this one is having an issue. I’ll need a week to do that.

There have been some roon infrastructure problems in the last 24 hours, have you rebooted your roon server lately. Might be worth doing.

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