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Regression or perhaps was not yet fixed. RP on iOS shows track info in small player view but not in Now Playing view.

It’s a ‘not yet fixed…’

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Hi - all stations seem to be working EXCEPT KWPX - Cowpoke radio - it’s playing at half speed.

I have tried updating ffmpeg and restarting my NUC+, as well as pasting in a tunein http - but to no avail. Right now it’s the only one doing the ‘45 playing at 33RPM’ kind of sound.

Hello @nick_waterhouse, the station is transmitting a stream which is multiplexing the audio with the album picture. The end result is something that Roon appears to misunderstand.

I’ve tried to find an alternative stream but without success.


I’ll inform the devs.

I’ve tried numerous sites, but all use the same stream. I’m afraid I’ll have to hide the station temporarily until Roon can cope in order to avoid confusion for other users.

Sorry again.


WRTI Jazz (Philadelphia, PA 90.1 FM) stopped working a few weeks ago. Neither stream will play. The WRTI Classical station streams play fine.

Would you please investigate? Thank you.

Updated the stream. Try now.

Works perfectly now. Thank you so much, Brian.

Hey, BrianW…you fixed KSHE-95 in St. Louis for me last week, but it seems to break regularly. Broke a few days after you fixed it, and then without any intervention on my part, it returned. But now it is unavailable and has been unavailable for a few days.

I appreciate anything you can do to fix this and make it more permanent.


Hello again Douglas, sorry about that. The station uses a stream which redirects to an audio server - it seems that this redirection is variable and the original audio server I used may be temporarily offline.

Whatever, I’ve now used the stream URL which is before any redirection. Try now.

Sorry I wasn’t able to respond earlier. But I just checked and it’s still down.

Appreciate the techno hurdles. Is there anything I can tell the station that makes this easier? I don’t know anyone there, so they’ll probably ignore me, but they should want to be available as widely as possible, no?

Douglas, how are you accessing this station? It’s a US only stream.

I can’t see any problems this end. I can’t test directly using my own UK Roon setup, but I can via Roon’s US based stream tester and that is working fine. I’ll monitor on and off today.

I wonder, is this is a problem with the station or your setup?

What is your setup?

KSHE is back up for me…just checked at 740 CDT on April 21.

I’m in the US, but the PC I have Roon Core on is sometimes connected to an Aussie IP address via VPN. That seems to be the issue.

Sorry for causing you extra work.

That will certainly cause problems. The geo-restriction is applied at the audio server level, not the website, so there’s no bypassing it.

Hi. There’s a new, 320k stream for The Lake Radio in Copenhagen. Sounds great. Please update the link. Thanks for all the mods do:

Link redone. Thanks.

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Hi Brian, KSFR is not working again. Been a few weeks since I played it.

Hello @Cornelia_Davis, thanks for the notification. I’ve updated the stream. Should be OK now.

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Smooth Jazz Radio (Monterey, CA) is not working:

“Unable to play this station. It’s a dress may have changed, or it may be temporarily unavailable“