Recovering data from an old database on a different account

i have multiple folders inside /var/roon/RoonServer/Database/Core such as 577c6433…
these are remnants from my experiments with trial version etc… but contains playlists, tags etc… Can i somehow export important data from these folders or run roon server to read these data folders durin boot?


I doubt it.

maybe grep the files in the tree looking for a string you’d expect to find and see if the file is in a unique location that’s empty on your new core, then shut it down copy the file across and restart it. But again, I doubt it, and what I’m suggesting is probably not a good idea, so make a backup of your current lib before trying this.

well there are no files containing tags/playlists so i can easily export only these settings…? thanks

well, looks like it worths 700$ with almost zero support.

Perhaps try asking support for help:

Yip, and be sure to post in the support subforum

Which settings?

playlists, liked songs, tags… persoalized stuff.

This sounds like a feature request to me: possibility to migrate personal settings to different cores.

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I don’t think this is possible today.

wau! looks like i lost everything then?

How can i run roon and explicitly select which dir load within /var/roon/RoonServer/Database/Core/dbdir where db dir is something like 0e85xxx8a6c154xxxxxx5e009487fb6

you can’t. Those aren’t discrete databases, that entire folder structure makes up Roon’s database representation of your music library. It leverages LevelDB rather than a traditional database structure.

i meant, i want to run roon using specific & entire folder structure. Based on what are these ids (names of folders) generated?

Like I said, I’m certain the answer is no, but let @support confirm for you.

Hi @John_Smith,

Just to confirm – You’re wanting to use a new database, but keep playlists and tags?

If so, this is not possible. You can restore a backup which will bring over everything, but you cannot selectively import certain parts of one database into a new one.

hi @dylan,
yes, i wanted to export things from old “instance” which i used during trial.

Well now i have 2 dirs… each is separate DB? Can i force to run roon over specific DB (ie dir)? so I can export things manually from roons client gui?

i dont have any backups ;/ as i was testing things… i didint enable backup.

Hi @John_Smith,

Do you have the entire RoonServer folder from the trial period? Was the trial period account the same as the account that you purchased Roon with?

If so, you can try replacing the entire new RoonServer folder with the old RoonServer folder from the trial. This will allow you to use the database from the trial.

Hi @dylan,
yes entire folder. It was running with different email/pass as I purchased Roon lifetime.

Hi @John_Smith,

Databases are account-specific, so, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the old RoonServer folder with your new account. Other than backups or using the old RoonServer folder, there are no other options for transferring Roon data to another database, so in this case the only option is to use the new database.

How about…
If you can restart Roon with your trial email address, you could export (see this KB article) your playlists, either as files plus a .m3u file, or as a spreadsheet (which can be used to create a .m3u file if the music files are too big - see this link). Your could then start Roon with your new account, and import the playlists via the .m3u files (see this KB article)

A spreadsheet export can also be used to show your tags, so you would at least have a record, but I don’t know any way of re-importing them.

All this requires your trial period to be still valid, if not, you might have to go cap in hand to Roon and ask for their indulgence for a bit.

@dylan what about to move all DB files (data) and keep user authorization profile (i assume its some file?) from new account?