ROCK with a Samba library not scanning automatically?

Is this a known issue? In order for me to find new music, I have to manually rescan. I didn’t think this was an issue on ROCK accessing over a samba network share.

It is a known issue, here’s a thread describing it and offering a workaround or two.

Good luck

Here are my settings on my NAS.

When I switch to MIN SMB3, my ROCK cannot access it (but my W10 machine can still). I use a XigmaNAS. Any ideas?

Don’t switch to MIN SMB3 - it’s currently not supported by Rock.

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Alright, reverted my settings back to default on my NAS. Still, the ROCK is not able to automatically see new files. This is more than mildly infuriating since I just purchased an expensive ROCK to improve on my previous server that was running Linux.

Any fix in store for this?

My Roon server on Windows was able to detect new files without a hitch.

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As far as I’m aware, nothing has changed regarding the use of SMB shares with Roon:

You have to do a manual rescan, wait for the scheduled rescan, or having a setup where “watch in real-time” is working. Does the scheduled rescan (default is 4 hours IIRC) not work for you?

Did you add this parameter here, because I can’t see it in the screenshot of the documentation which I would have expected if it were a default?

I would like for it to automatically see new files I add.

Also, I did add that parameter. It doesn’t have a practical effect on my network. Just logging.

Do they not show-up automatically when you wait some hours?

Logging what? As far as I can tell, this disables the kernel based real-time notification about content changes in shares. If this real-time notification is what you expect, you should probably delete that parameter and try again.

I was getting incessant errors in my smb log re: kernel changes. I added that parameter to disable those notifications. That parameter has no effect on my ROCK’s (in)ability to see real-time changes.

The new files do show up after the preset number of hours, in my case, 12. But that’s not the behaviour I am hoping for.

As you did not document this message here, I can’t comment about it. Just keep in mind that not everything showing up in a log has to be an error. You can use an internet search engine at any time to try find out more about that message.

Roon is automatically scanning the watched folders you set up on a timely schedule because the developers know that getting real-time notifications about changes does not always work but you already knew that because you already got informed about it (read the answer you got last time that I linked above).

As for real-time watching: The only thing that Roon can do is to inform the server that hosts the share that it wants to receive real-time notifications when the content of a share changes. It’s on the server and it’s various software involved (OS, OS parameters, File System (drivers), FS parameters and in your case SAMBA and its parameters) to handle the monitoring of the respective folders and send notifications to the client (your ROCK) as requested. If it doesn’t work for you as expected (Roon doesn’t receive real-time notifications from the file server) you have to search for a cure on the server side (here XigmaNAS).

The only fallback Roon has to offer is the automatic scan on a timely schedule or the manual scan you can request at any time.

As network access to the music library is often cumbersome and the real-time watching most often not working but expected, many users moved away from using network shares. If you add local storage to your ROCK these problems should be gone and keeping a copy of the library on your NAS gives you a (first) backup.

Over on the Xigma forums, they are asking me how a ROCK would look for new media. They say it isn’t the server that would determine this, but the client.

Any ideas?

Roon is using the SMB protocol - if you used +Add Network Share to setup your watched folder in Roon. If it’s able to negotiate the “Change Notify” feature with the file server it then displays “Watching for new files in real-time” under the watched folder in Settings | Storage.

The SMB “Change Notify” feature is just a request to be informed about changes. Monitoring the share and sending the requested notification when it’s content gets changed is up to the server.