Roon Does not auto-scan my library on changes / deletions / additions

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC8iBEH, Version 537

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Fritzbox 7590, Nuc hardwire dicectly to router
Synology NAS (holds Music Files)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

LINN Klimax DSM etc. Hardwired.

Description Of Issue

I have migrated my Roon core from previously running on my Synology NAS to a dedicated NUC8i7BEH a couple of days ago Audio Files (FLAC) are still stored on the Synology NAS.

What I noticed now is that Roon does not not pick up changes to my library. I can delete entire albums, duplicate booklets, excess fotos, it dosnt pick it up. Additions are also not being picked up. The only way to make Roon pick those changes up is to force a library rescan. When Roon was running on the NAS, such changes where picked up pretty much instantly.

I also tagged several albums with IMPORTDATE to pick up when I originally bought those. Again, even on the scheduled library rescan (every 12 hours for me) these do not get picked up. I have to go into each album and do manual rescan

I dont think this is normal behaviour. Any idea how I can fix this?

I don’t think Roon on Linux with music stored on a NAS can auto watch. I believe it only works on locally connected storage. I discovered this when I switched to a Linux build for Roon and moved my music store to a NAS after it was stored locally.

Wonderful stuff, so I better dumb that NUC and move back to Roon running on my NAS. Its slower but at least it sort-of works

I know what you mean. Maybe Roonlabs will enable this sometime in the near future.

You can set a scan interval for roon to go look. In Settings,Storage then edit the share

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The problem is that NAS software does not reliably notify Roon or any app when a change to a directory has occurred.

That’s why many people put their music on a USB drive and only back up to a NAS.

As I mentioned above, I have set that. Doesnt pick up changes to IMPORTDATE tag. Most surly another bug.

Maybe “many people”, but “most people” (if not all) I know center their backup and streaming and storage activities around a NAS.

Not correct. on my Mac Finder I can see instantly when a file on my NAS was changed.

As long as you put your music on a NAS and the NAS software dos not effectively tap Roon on the shoulder when a change is made, then you will have the problem you complain about.

There’s nothing Roon can do about it, other than offer a rescan interval.

Just trying to tell you where the problem lies, not get in a bitter dustup. :wink:

All that’s required is a brief forum search -

“takes a bit of time” is fine. But two/three days not picking up changes when rescan is set to 4 hours??? Cant be.

I think that the auto re-scan just checks for files (additions and deletions mainly [also includes reorganized/moved files] plus modified by file modification timestamp).

If you change tags inside already imported files and you instructed your tagging software to not change the file modification timestamp, at least the file tagging software I use offers such an option (can’t remember if it’s even default), then you’re lost here and you have to initiate a re-scan form the edit album screen (does also work for multi selections).


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I use Metadatics and that offers the same option to “preserve Modification Date”. Its switched off, so modification date should be changed when I change something in the files (otherwise also my incremental backup would not work, but it did pick up those records I changed yesterday and the day before. just checked that.) .

Could the issue be specific to the NAS being used? I run Roon ROCK on a fanless NUC and my music library is stored on a Synology ds1819+ NAS in directory called ‘music’ at the root of the NAS.
My Roon never misses updates, based on the set rescan interval (4 hours in my case).

I don’t know, bbrip uses a Synology NAS too.

What form of updates? Just added music or also pure metadata changes?

I also re-checked on my system and while the re-scan initiated via Settings|Storage returns immediately (makes sense somehow as a complete re-scan of a big collection on a NAS might take a considerable amount of time) so maybe checking only for the existence (changes?) of music files, the re-scan initiated via “Edit Album” actually does a complete re-scan of the selected album(s) (including internal and external metadata [pictures, booklets, …]) and runs for some time (spinning circle).

From File Tag Best Practice:

When does Roon read your file tags?

Roon reads your file tags in five situations:

  1. When it first imports your music.
  2. When it detects automatically that files have changed on disc (e.g. if you have just edited some tags).
  3. When you bulk rescan your library (or parts of it) via Settings -> Storage .
  4. When you choose Re-Scan Album from the Album Editor.
  5. When the Roon Core needs to re-read all your file tags as part of an upgrade.

[Note that some older NAS devices do not let Roon know that files have changed, so you have to force a re-scan manually.]

As is documented, it should work for you.

Let’s wait and see if support can shed some light on current behavior of Roon.

Form of updates: always added music in my case

I have a Synology DS 1618+. Shouldnt be any difference in handling.

absolutely agree. Let’s see if the Roon team can provide some insight.