rooDial technical integration discussions

Hi all,

I have created a thread rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community where I planned to answer more general questions and give some support.

Now a lot of technical questions popped up and I decided to create a tread for all in depth technical discussions.

Thanks to use it


Now I did some changes to also support + and - buttons in Deep Harmony. I have a customer that will test it for me. I will report

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My Ecosystem:

  • No need for extension manager, flash the image and go
  • It is a closed Raspbian box only for rooExtend
  • The UPnP bridge (rooUPnP) will also run inside the rooExtend image.
    If this is ready you will have two roon extensions, one for rooDial and one for rooUPnp. A Pi4 is recommended for that

How does one add future extensions?

How does one get updates to the base OS and the extensions purchased?

Thanks for creating the support thread. Maybe should be under tinkering or api perhaps?

I moved it into Audio Products for now (it was uncategorised before) to keep it in the same place as the other thread. I’m open to other suggestions though.

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Updates will be profided as new images.
This is also the path OS updates and function updates will be shipped.
And yes the license numbers have to be reentered.


@DrCWO is it possible to correct the sort order for zones - seems to be a bit random now… at least for a future stable release.

I now move my rooDail around zone to zone with me attached to a power pack for the PiZero - wonder how long 3000mA can power it for. Just need a nice case for it now.

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Very cool using a Power Bank!! But isn’t it more comfortable to use a wall outlet and hide the pi somwhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Regarding the sort order: I use the order that roon gave me for the zones. I guess it will be the same as roon displays them. Would you please check this for me with all your zones.
Sure I can create an alphabetical order but I am not shure if I should…

If I’m roaming around the house its handy as the BT signal is maybe not so great on a Zero.

Oh and yes Roon list the all zones in alphabetical order in both the zone picker and when no zone is selected.

OK, then I will sort the dropdown too!

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Would you please send me screenshots

Hi @DrCWO,

Do you know if your extension would integrate with this?

In short, it’s an IP based extension for my Rotel pre-amp. Configuration in Roon as per below screenshot, if that’s useful.


Did roon give you a volume slider to change the volume of the Rotel in the roon gui?
If yes it will work.

Hi, yes it does – thank you.

Then rooDial will be good for you :- :+1: :+1: :slight_smile:

Here the content of /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf thats creates the rooExtendWiFi. Any ideas?

#2.4GHz setup wifi 80211 b,g,n
wpa_pairwise=CCMP TKIP

#80211n - Change GB to your WiFi country code

I plugged the pi into an ethernet port and it booted and connected very quickly, and the extension appears in roon. However, when I visit roonextend.local, no wifi networks are showing, even after clicking refresh. Looks like something is disabling the wifi, perhaps it is the country code?

As I saw now, the updated kernel I used in the current version disables WiFi automatically if ran on a Pi having ethernet. Therefore, you are right! I will build a new beta today and let you know.
I would apreciate if you will test this and report.
best Charly

The beta version worked. I seemed to have some trouble connecting to roonextend wifi from my phone, but connected from my mac fine. I have also connected to my home wifi now. Unfortunately work is getting in the way now, so I’ll confirm a little later than the extension works, but I don’t see why not now that I’m on the network

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I have tested Beta v1.3.0 and can confirm that problem is now resolved. Setup was straight forward & the Dial is now working perfectly via WiFi.

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