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Core: Windows 10 i7 4.0 Ghz 16Gb RAM, 250Gb SSD hard wired to network. Router Technicolor TG589
Remote iPad Pro and Amazon Fire 10"
Roon Bridge Huawei Laptop Windows 10 AMD Ryzen 5, 8Gb RAM, 250 Gb SSD

OK, I’ve got my office set up, where the core is, and I’ve got my lounge set up with my Naim Uniti Atom as endpoint via wifi. So far so good.

I’ve loaded Bridge software onto my laptop and now want to connect it to my Cambridge Audio Minx streamer/amp/DAC in the bedroom.

I was surprised to find I can run Roon remote on the Amazon Fire, but only connect to the Minx via standard Bluetooth. I can play native Qobuz on the laptop and link to the Minx via Bluetooth AptX which sounds pretty good actually, but I’d rather connect using Roon. The laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet connection, just USB3, USB C, HDMI and 3.5mm headphone jack. Can I connect the two?

Sorry, full model ID is Cambridge Audio Minx Xi

The device is about 3 years old, recently discontinued. Was not Roon ready, streams Spotify, Internet radio, UPnP,

Coupla questions, as the web site isn’t too specific -

Does the device have USB input. Does the device have WiFi input.

Do you have Ethernet in the bedroom?

We have wifi in the bedroom but no Ethernet. The device has 3 usb sockets, one for a Bluetooth dongle, one labelled ‘HD/ Local Media’ and one unlabelled. which I have used for music files

Here’s what I’d do, others may have a different plans.

Plan #1 -

You don’t need Roon Bridge on your laptop. Instead of RoonBrdige, install the complete Roon. If you don’t specify it as Core it will act as an endpoint. Connect the laptop’s USB port to the USB port of your Minx. You’ll have to leave the laptop on when you want to use Roon this way.

Plan #2

Get a simple device like a Raspberry Pi 4. You only need a 2 GB (if that’s still being made) or 4 GB model.
Install Ropieee OS on the RPi and enable WiFi. Connect USB out on the RPi to USB port of your Minx.

Either way, the endpoint should now show up in Settings==>Audio on your Core machine or on any Remote. Enable the endpoint and you’re good to go.

Of course, this all depends on the range of your WiFi and WiFi isn’t, in general, a good solution for Roon.

These plans would work with stand alone DACs, but I’m not sure if it will work with your Minx. Worth a try.

Thanks very much again for the prompt and patient response. I like your Plan #1 better, as I would not be comfortable installing an unfamiliar OS onto unfamiliar hardware, and would rather make use of kit I already have, if poss. As I say, I’ve had Roon working up there as a remote from the Amazon Fire, it was only the use of basic Bluetooth that let it down. One thing I didn’t mention is that my broadband speeds are lousy, less than 5Mbps over Wifi, which is adequate for 16/44 but not much more. But hey, still better than 320kbps. Could I connect the micro USB on the Amazon Fire up to the USB socket on the Minx?

Hmm, probably with Roon Remote and if Minx USB works as does a USB port on a DAC.

Won’t do any good as your WiFi seems to be too slow for Roon.

You can try, as an experiment.

Hi @David_Kirby,

Are you certain that the Minx can accept a PC’s USB input? From looking at the pictures from their site, I don’t see any USB input, just what appears to be USB for flash drives and additional accessories.

I would check with Cambridge if the Minx can support USB input, because if it can’t you would want to configure the setup in a bit of a different way.

  1. My suggestion would be to use some kind of SPDIF bridge, see the following threads for recommendations:

  1. Or, if you want you could try using a UPnP Bridge such as the one offered by Sonore. I haven’t tested any UPnP bridges myself, so if you want to look into this route, I would ask a few other users for their impressions or look up reviews to make sure the bridge is compatible with your Minx.
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Yeah, probably not as the Minix is expecting a file structure at it’s USB port, not an audio stream. :pensive:

Doesn’t really matte as the WiFi speed is too slow?

5Mbps is definitely a slow speed, but considering David has a Uniti Atom already in the lounge, whatever quality he’s streaming to that should be able to be streamed to the Minx. You should try to upgrade those speeds though if you can @David_Kirby.

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Thanks, Noris
5Mbps is the most I’ll be getting until we get fibre in our little village, some time in the next year or two. It’s good enough for streaming 44/16 or an HD movie, (but not both)!

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