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Gagan, welcome to the forum, Roon and its dedicated users are here to help where we can.

First, there is not much information here to help you. Is your Nucleus Plus the Core or is the Mac your Core, and what type of Mac and the version of the MacOS are you using? More information on your network also would be helpful; what is using WiFi and what is using an Ethernet cable connection?

Finally, if the Mac is a client, have you set up the correct firewall exceptions in MacOS per these instructions:

The more details you provide the more we can assist. Have you looked at this information to help get started or report issues:

Mac is the core that I want to switch to Nucleus Plus core but Roon is not able to detect Nucleus Plus. My MacOS is Monterey. Mac is connected via wifi and Nucleus Plus has eathernet cable connection. Mac’s firewall is off.

Are you able to attach an HDMI cable to the Nucleus Plus, reboot it, and see what is displayed? Alternately, 1) on your network, if you type http://nucleusplus.local in a web browser from your Mac, do you see anything, or 2) can you see the Nucleus Plus from your router’s connected devices list?

No display on screen with HDMI cable connection

  1. http://nucleusplus.local does not open on web browser
  2. No, Nucleus Plus does not appear in router’s connected devices


Can you please provide more information about your network and its topology and configuration per the list at the beginning of this thread? Also, have you tried using a different Ethernet cable to connect the Nucleus Plus to the router? Also, are both lights on the Ethernet port on the Nucleus Plus operating? What colors are they? Green and amber?

Tried with different eathernet cable but no luck. Yes, the lights on ethernet port are green and amber. I have Unifi Dream Machine router

Joshi, did you purchase the Nucleus Plus from a dealer or directly from Roon? If from a dealer, you may want to contact them for assistance. Can you provide any more information about your network configuration? Have you tried connecting your Mac to the Unifi router using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi? Do you have any other WiFi devices in your home network?

I purchased this directly form Roon.
FYI-When I connect the eathernet cable to my mac, the internect connection works

That is progress. This implies an issue with your WiFi network. When both the Plus and the Mac are connected with Ethernet cables, the Mac sees the Plus. When the Mac is on WiFi, the Mac does not see the Plus.

Again, is there any additional information you can provide about your WiFi network? Is the Unifi Dream Machine also providing WiFi to your Mac? I don’t use one so can’t speak to how to configure it, but first need to know how WiFi is being provided in your network.

NO, Mac connects to internet via ethernet cable but does not see Plus

Concerning that Nucleus Plus has no display on screen with HDMI cable connection.

I am tagging @support to help Joshi.

Where do we go from here. i bought this 5 months ago and has not been able to configure it to play. I am not tech savy to figure out the problem but as i stated earlier, this nucleus fails to display details when connected to screen via HDMI. This suggests that there is a problem with nucleus rather than with internet setting.

Joshi, as it is the weekend now in the US, I believe you will need to wait until Monday for when Roon Support returns and see if they can diagnose what you are experiencing.

Will do…have a nice weekend!

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Hi @Gagan_Joshi ,

Sorry to hear about the troubles here!

This is correct, if there is no HDMI output, we are likely dealing with a hardware issue. I will send you a private message on the forum to gather purchase details from you and we can proceed from there, thanks!

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OK, Thanks!

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