Roon experiencing memory leak (ref#NOYDO2)

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· I am experiencing freezes or crashes

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Roon has a major memory leak

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Roon server on Mac Studio

The previous thread where Roon crashed my system with an out of memory error (I have 192 GB) no longer allows replies so am reposting.

Memory has increased from ~11 GB to ~19 GB in just a few hours with Roon just idling. The Roon folder in ~/Library is ~515 MB. Cache is ~512 MB, database folder is ~504 KB.

Hi David. I have experienced Memory Blowouts in previous versions of Roon on an old iMac, but none as significant as 19Gb.

Have you shut down your server lately (The Server in the task bar) not just the Roon player? And restart.

I found that a regular full restart of the server every few days kept it under control.

Have been using lately on a MacBook Air M2 and there were no blowouts.

The problem does go away on a reboot but quickly returns. We shouldn’t have to use a workaround to keep our system from crashing with such a significant bug. It was reported in September 2023 in my original post and has yet to be addressed.

In the 43 minutes since I started this thread Roon has taken another GB of memory. I’m now up to ~21 GB.

Yes that is not great David and totally agree about the time and using work arounds. Roon support has no doubt by now also closed for the weekend so I assume you may not hear from @support until next week.
Hopefully other users may also have some insights before then.

It’s likely a different bug. Memory leaks have all sorts of causes. The old bugs seemed to be fixed late last year. The new issues (on various platforms) seem to have started to show up sometime in May 2024.

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David, are you using a local library? I have the same problems and to me it seems that the problems might come from there. I posted a log with the times where the system becomes unresponsive and where memory starts growing. Furthermore, I postet an sample of the events that are registered at the Roon_log at the same time. You would find it here:

Possible. The problem never went away.


Do you mean that you’ve had it continuously since last year? Last year there were quite a few reports, then few if any until May. My own three servers (Ubuntu Server) had no occurrences since last year until May, when I had one.

Hi @David_Moor,

Thank you for your post. We can most precisely pinpoint the issue if we have a copy of your Roon database, although this requires some heavy-handed steps on your part. First, you’d find the RoonServer folder hosting your database on your machine. Then, you’d compress (zip) it and submit it to our QA team using this link: Database Uploader.

Is this a troubleshooting step you’re willing to perform?

Yes, no problem.

I’m waiting for a large memory size. It’s gone up for a few hundred MB to about 3 GB now. Is that large enough, or should I wait until it is > 20 GB?

1 day later: approaching 5 GB.

A bit later: updated to Roon 2.0 1432. Memory back to 1.47 GB.

Some hours later Roon, inactive, is 8.7 GB.

Restarted Roon after posting this. Waiting.

Uploaded database.

Roon taking 18.20 GB of memory.

Roon crashed my system after taking 326 GB of memory.

Killed the process. Uploaded database file.