Roon loses connection to my Synology NAS since updating to Build 667

In dropbox, generate a share link. And the PM Noris here that link.

Thank you!

I’m Pawel. Have same problem!, today I updated roon core to build 667. I lost connection to my whole library on NAS Synology. I cannot add network folder. I rebooted everything. No luck,

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Hello Pawel,

No solution yet, but I’ve sent logs to noris; so it may be a bit of time before some feedback. Have you also had problems with backups? I am no longer able to complete a backup.

I cannot see my shared folders on NAS. that’s strange…

I’m sorry to hear that. At least when I lose connection, I can restart roon and all is good again for a period. I hope the we will have answers soon.


I’m checking in to make sure that you received the logs that I submitted last week. Build 667 is still a disaster for me. I am consistently losing contact with my nas and I am unable to make a backup of my library.

Hi @ronfint,

Thanks again for sending those log files over, I can confirm receipt. I took a look through your logs and I am noticing a trace which I have yet to encounter present in them, so I’m going to go ahead and request some additional feedback from our QA team on your case. Once I have QA’s completed report, I will reach out again.

For other users impacted by a similar issue, please open a separate support thread for assistance. You are welcome to follow troubleshooting on this page, but we usually do one user per thread, so my responses here will be mostly directed to @ronfint.

Thank you, Noris.

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It has been about two weeks since I first reported this problem — and it’s not minor. I hope that QA has a solution soon.

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Hello @ronfint,

The investigation is still ongoing, we are gathering similar reports and looking for patterns to identify the root cause, thank you for your patience here.

One idea which comes to mind - is there any change in behavior if you move the music files and backup location to a subfolder on the NAS (instead of having them at the root)?

Thanks, @noris The backup locations are usb thumb drives – not on the nas. They have become completely full since trying to back up after upgrading to 667, and when trying to back up to them they give a “Disk Full” error. I have been able to copy /var/roon/RoonServer to a thumb drive to serve as temporary backup.

Also daily I get situations where there is a loss of connection of roon to my nas. Shutting down and restarting roon on the core usually fixes that temporarily. Sometimes I need to reboot the core.

About moving my music files – I’m not willing to do that. The music storage is almost 9tb, and I’d rather not mess with it.There were certainly no problems with Build 610.

Hi @ronfint,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that our QA team has is doing some in-house testing on this. I can’t provide any specific timelines just yet, but as soon as the QA team has an update for us we’ll be sure to reach out. This is a high priority issue for us, and you have our apologies for the ongoing troubles here. We’ll be in touch soon.

Thank you.


It’s now been 23 days since I first reported this problem. I have dropouts several times a day and have to restart my core computer to get roon working. I’m unable to make a backup via roon. And there has been no solution.


For a short period of time, I had this fixed. I reinstalled AudioLinux. It took me a bit more than two hours – but the version of Roon that came with it was Build 610. Everything was great and I was happy, UNTIL Roon updated itself. Now I’m back in the mire.

I’ve now disabled automatic updates, but it will cost me another two plus hours to do this all over again. Maybe I’ll have time on Saturday, or perhaps QA will solve this problem.


Here is a further update. I have changed my Linux kernel to LTS 5.4.x. This has helped with the issue of losing access to my Synology NAS. I haven’t yet tried to back up; so I don’t know about that problem.

However, there is a new issue: I have a constantly spinning wheel for adding music. This is a problem of many others and I have read their posts. The answer seems to be to use NFS rather than CIFS shares. I would like to try this, but my NAS will not accept an NFS connection from my AudioLinux machine, in spite of adjusting the Synology NFS permissions to allow it.

Is there any other way to stop the spinning wheel?



I have finally rid myself of this problem. I’m back on Linux firmware 5.9.x and Roon still has a problem with losing connection to my nas, but — this is only with cifs/smb. I finally figured out how to connect to my Synology DiskStation using nfs (see ). Once I did this and pointed Roon to the nfs mount of my music folder, all my problems with Build 667 disappeared.

Those who are interested in doing this might want to check out the thread I would like to thank @Darryl_Caillouet and @mavmcl who first offered this solution to the problems caused by Build 667.

As they point out in the thread quoted above, it appears that Build 667 has introduced problems with cifs/smb. I hope that these will be fixed in the next build.

@ronfint, You’re more than welcome! 2020 has been scary so I’m trying to stockpile as much good karma as possible… :wink:


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