Roon playing DXD [Ticket Open] [Work Around]

Recently I downloaded on the site a DXD 24/352,8 khz file. The recording company is Channel Classics. It is a live recording from a Terry Riley composition called Four Four Three. The file contains 2 tracks. The first is 2.592.417 kB, the second is 1.763.644 kB. Strange fact: Only the second file has been seen by Roon and can therefore be played. The first: no viewing. How come?

Some filesystems have a 2GB file size limit, but that’s not likely the case here as you are able to “see the file” and you obviously didn’t get an error when saving it in its location.

I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that you’re running your Roon core on Windows…

If so, are you running the 32bit version of Roon? You can find the version of the core by going to settings in Roon and clicking “About” in the upper right of the pop-up. It’s also worth checking to see if you’re running a 32bit version of Windows (right click "my computer on the desktop and select “properties”)

By default a 32 bit application doesn’t have the ability to address a file over 2GB in size. A 32 bit operating system should be limited here as well, but I recall that certain versions of Windows got around this with an enhanced address space.

If you’re running 32 bit Roon on 64 bit windows then you’ll want to uninstall the 32 bit version and install the 64 bit version (backup your database just to be safe). If you’re running 32 bit Roon on 32 bit Windows then you’ll need to upgrade the OS (or move your core to a 64 bit machine).

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Although the Windows version was a 32bit one, after deinstalling this version and reinstalling the 64bit version, there was no change in behaviour. The track is not playing.

Did you do a re-scan of your library? If that didn’t work then try moving the file out of your watched folder and then back in.

Are the files on an external drive or NAS? If so try setting up a watched folder on the C: drive and drop the file in there and see what happens.

Yes I did a rescan. The Library is on a QNAP NAS. I did also moving out the file and moving in. All without success. But there is another strange fact: the same album is also stored as a DSD256 file - NativeDSD gives you the possibility to dwonload diverse versions of an album - . The first track is 6.713.618 kB and is playing without any problems

Strange indeed! Probably best to flag @support here to have them look into it further.

Shot in the dark. Is the file multichannel? Roon does not pick up multichannel currently.

No it is stereoDXD and for the information: the second track from the album is playing flawless

Hi Bert,

What format are the files? There was a similar problem in this thread:

Cheers, Greg

It is a DXD 24/352 file

Bert, DXD is an audio format, per se, not a file format. There is no such thing as a DXD file. Greg wants to know what file format/container holds the DXD audio in this case. WAV, AIFF, FLAC?


Sorry, it is a flac file.

@boling ----- Thank you for the feedback. Are you able to PM me a dropbox link with a copy of the file in question so we can test in house? Let me know and we’ll have a look for you :slight_smile:


I forwarded your question to Jonas from NativeDSD. I Presume he will contact you. Thank you in advance

I have the same issue with these two tracks - one shows up and the other doesn’t. I’m on Mac OS X Sierra. Would love to see any info that comes back on this one.


@boling @Eric link to track. it expires so pls download it soon. Thanks for looking into this guys.

Hi @Jonas_Sacks ----- Confirming that I have received the content! Once I have had an opportunity to test the content, I will report back with my thoughts/findings.


Hi @Jonas_Sacks and @boling ---- Please be advised that I tested the content and am able to reproduce the same behavior in house. This issue has been placed into a ticket which is being tracked by our developers. Once they have had chance to investigate I will follow back up with their thoughts/feedback. We greatly appreciate the patience. Many thanks!


Is there some new information on this issue?

Flagging @mike and @brian