Roon search extremely slow - how to fix it? BUILD 1353

Hello everyone,

This thread has festered without a staff response, and for that, we apologize.

The 703 posts in this thread include a wide range of technical reports and feedback, none of which we’ve overlooked. However, we do need to sift opinions and feedback from technical reports to leverage any of the above into actionable steps for our developers.

Some of you have already started other Roon support threads to address your report directly. @Duncan_Andison, we are investigating your reports here, for instance.

If you have not started a dedicated topic thread for your issue and have only posted here, please start a dedicated topic thread now so we can more easily track variable technical details about network topology, your Roon library, etc.

1) If you are experiencing slowness or performance issues after searching in Roon:

  • There was an issue causing certain search queries to erroneously return a “Can’t Connect to Search” error in results. This has been resolved (see here).
  • Users who reported slowness around “wildcard” or “catch-all” queries such as “the the” should see development’s comment here.
  • Please note we are continually working on improving the search service and server-side improvements often merge between updates. If you are experiencing any issues with search, please comment as appropriate on a thread above or begin your dedicated topic thread. This thread has far outlived its utility in generating actionable content for QA or technical support.

2) If you are experiencing unexplained performance decline outside of just the search service:

  • Roon is investigating performance decline for large Roon libraries with unique subdirectory taxonomy or a high percentage of content unidentified by Roon’s audio analysis service.

Regardless of whether you feel the above vague descriptors fit your own library, if you are encountering performance decline and do not have an active technical support thread, please start one.

We will be closing this thread shortly. If you have any feedback or thoughts, we welcome it in Roon Software Discussion or in Feedback. We will continue our investigation actively in dedicated threads, either individually or by-issue as appropriate.