Using Jitterbug with Nucleus

So I have my Nucleus as a server to my DAC using USB. It’s been wonderful. I had the idea to use my Audioquest Jitterbug in between the Nucleus and the DAC and it has improved the sound IMHO. The sound stage seems a little wider and quite alot deeper and I feel like I’m sitting a few rows back instead of the front row. The biggest changes are to the sound quality which has improved in speed and clarity. Ambience, even in studio recordings is more apparent and overall the sound is more enjoyable. I would like for others to try this simple addition to see if they hear the same things and give some feedback. Thx, John

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Happy to do so if you’ll post me out an ‘Audioquest Jitterbug’.

Yeah hear the same thing on my 2 different system with the Jitterbug in place on the USB outputs of the NUC and iMac to my different DACs.

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I can detect a difference on my Nucleus which is set up like yours. I’m not sure I can quantify it as distinctly as you have, but it does sound better to my ears. But not a huge, eye-opening difference.


I have a Nucleus feeding a Lampizator Amber. I connected a Jitterbug to the USB out from the Nucleus to the DAC. After numerous back and forth listening I didn’t hear any improvement in SQ, and in fact the Jitterbug made it worse in one big way. The Jitterbug was causing a more subdued dynamic range. Out with the Jitterbug.

I have a Synology NAS and installed the Jitterbug into an unused USB port. Wow that did make a considerable change. Much quieter background allowing for greater separation with no degradation in pace, timing, dynamic range etc. I assume the information the NAS was sending needed some cleaning up? I can only assume starting at the source will result in further improvements. I have a Arris Surf Board (sb6190) modem and splitting the signal with a Netgear Ethernet switch. I’m starting to think the netgear switch may also limit SQ when streaming?

Anyone have experience with better Ethernet switched like the English Electric 8 switch or comparable?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Lampizator Amber DAC
Linear Tube Audio ZOTL 10 MK II
Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Triode Master
Roon Nucleus
Omega Mikro cables (power, interconnect, speaker, line tamer and stratum power conditioner)
Arris Surf Board (sb6190) modem

Oddly enough, I never heard any (real) difference in any configuration when the Jitterbug was plugged into an unused port. At times, I thought I maybe did hear a difference, but I knew I was just guessing. Certainly nothing like the difference when plugged into an active role in the signal path directly.

The Jitterbug is a very interesting product. Some notice no difference in their particular configuration, while others hear a difference - some like it, others don’t. Is it making things better or worse across the relevant parameters, or improving somethings while harming others? I wonder the reason behind it.

this line of discussion is a pretty slippery slope…you have been warned.


other threads exist… enjoy the reading.

this one might help most re the EE8

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