Volume Settings for Grouped Zones

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I have two zones and for both some volume leveling is configured, both zones same settings. When I group these zones together, the volume leveling for the grouped zone is turned off. Now I set the volume leveling for the grouped zone, but after I ungroup the zone and group the same zones together again, the previous set volume leveling is again turned off.
I expected, that roon will remember this setting for the grouped zone. Do I really have to set the volume leveling every time I group these zones together? How can I make roon remember my settings for grouped zones?

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Hello @Boris_Schaedler,

Thanks for your report, I am able to reproduce similar behavior on my end and have asked QA to take a look at this behavior.

Just so we have all the necessary information for a ticket, can you please provide some more information regarding your setup using this thread as a guide?

Please let me know the name of the DACs you have and what type of volume control you are using.


Here is my setup:
Roon is latest version (Build 390) running on a Linux Mint 17.3, 64bit Roon Core and 32bit Roon Controller running under wine.
I have one Raspi with Digi+ HAT and the Linux PC as Roon Output. I also have several Sonos devices.
This problem happens when I group together the Roon devices and it happens when I group together the Sonos devices.
Volume leveling setting is: Track / -16LUFS / -8DB.

Volume leveling works fine, Roon just does not remember my settings for grouped zones…

Thanks for providing that info @Boris_Schaedler, I have added this information to your ticket.
I will be sure to let you know once I hear back from QA regarding this request.


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FYI: this is still not fixed with latest release, grouped zones do not remember volume leveling :frowning:

It’s a shame that even little bugs don’t get fixed. Nobody else using grouped zones with volume leveling?

Yes, I agree it’s irritating and you’re not the only person to report it. Closely linked to this older thread too.


Thanks for your answer, I was not aware of those threads. Hopefully this gets fixed during my lifetime subscription :wink:

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Hi @Boris_Schaedler,

We have an active ticket regrading this behavior but I should note that this ticket is currently a feature request.

QA has noted that joining the two zones together creates a new audio group which may or may not have the same settings.

Since this is currently “working as expected”, I would suggest that you add further feedback to the feature request ticket as the product team keeps a close eye on the feature request section for where to take the product next.



It’s just about remembering settings… Seems that our “expectations” differ, mine was that everything should be as easy and comfortable as possible…

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I agree. My project is to buy more Roon Ready products namely a BW formation duo and a BW formation bar. These 2 speakers are in the same big room but in 2 different zones. For now I have a Sonos Beam and 2 stereo paired Sonos Fives. For everyday use with Roon and the BWs I will have to group / ungroup the 2 systems several times a day. So it would be crucial Roon remembers the Volume Levelling settings.

Is this something under consideration by Roon team at least?

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