We want your ideas for Playlists!

I would like to have following two things involving playlists:

  • integration with setlist.fm, for example, int the artist page there should be an ability to see the list of setlists that could be either played or duplicated
  • in the queue there is a lot of space; I’d like to see a hyperlink that would say if songs were added from some playlist (instead of an album)
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Are any of the newly hired people playlist users? It seems after 4 years little has improved or changed with playlists.

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To be able to delete whole album from a Playlist would be a great feature.
Or delete multiplus files would be great too.

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Indeed one of the things that Roon could do and that would benefit many users, both streaming and non-streaming, is to enhance playlist features in several categories:

  • Import and Export from/to : iTunes, Tidal, etc… (most of us had a digital music life before Roon)
  • Handling : renaming, organizing in folder structure (today this is really primitive)
  • Capturing a selection of History plays : to create a Playlist from it (sometimes we are inspired or want to remember a listening session other than by plunging into History or doing it one by one)
  • Advanced handling : why not implement interactive “set” logical structure operations: intersection, union, and conditions to the tags, that are also a very interesting feature.
    I am convinced that with a reasonable amount of work, Roon playlists could become another strength of it. And playlists, as tags, could be used as labels for training the ML engine for suggestions.
  • Why not a “ suggest based on current playlist ” option ? That could be cool…

In the same line of thoughts, I see that tags can be used as a form of multiple list.
Tags display shows what we put in Tags. It would be easy to implement a display that would show the content of a multiple Tag selection : imagine you have a “Rythmic blues” tag and a “Beautiful voice” tag, both populated as you went through your library or online. Would not it be interesting to easily select what you put in both categories ? It could be used to create a temporary playlist (from 1 to N tag’s intersection), that you could save under whatever name…

So I am convinced that while playlists and tags features are currently under-developed, the material is there and it only waits for some efforts to bring it to a whole new level of functionalities, that could lead us to exploring both online and local content in novel ways.

Comments welcome !


As a footnote getting through this thread - which I had not done in a long time - I saw that a number of suggestions were already made by several persons. No problem, this can be considered as a recap for that.

Hopefully by gathering several requests at once synthesizes and gains clarity, so that it can improve responsiveness from Roon developers. Having been a developer myself although some years ago, and always involved with software, it seems to me that there is absolutely NO technical obstacle in making the aforementioned progress and others. Furthermore most of it should be fairly easy to design and implement, as far as I can judge from my understanding of required information structure for music databases.

You can already do this pretty easily, imho. Go to history, the playtimes are listed right there. Right click on the start of the play session, hold down the shift key, right click on the end of the play session, which highlites all the songs. Add to new Playlist. Then go into the playlist to do further editing.

Good, this I had tried long ago without succeeding but not recently ! But you guys can be a lot more ambitions, if you listen to what people (not only me) say in this thread.
Even if basic playlists aren’t the cup of tea of the software team, the type of evolutions proposed make it a much more potent tool, especially associated to tags on one hand and ML on the other one.

It appears that Qobuz is offering something like this. There is a Dutch singles chart playlist, for instance, curated by Qobuz Netherlands.

@joel, it might be interesting for roon to provide a weekly “top tracks on roon by genre” or “top albums”, showing most played, or most added to library, perhaps with the ability to filter by region.

should be easy to extract from the play data roon maintains on every listener.


I agree, in general when users put something in playlists it is to listen to it more frequently. It is also more specific than clicking on a little heart.
So one more way to say that by helping users with better playlists, Roon would also help the development of better AI features.

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Not exactly, Robert. I am more thinking of moving towards playlists-based user-dedicated use of AI rather than having general playlists, that can look like one-size-fits-all proposition. AI with proper input could do tailored proposition to each of us, while benefiting from general knowledge.
I believe this proposition is more seductive.
Thanks anyway for letting us know about this Dutch playlist !

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I see, that is a different proposition altogether. And more seductive indeed.

another idea would be to generate a playlist based on a playlist. Spotify does this with either it’s “Playlist Radio” feature, or “Create a Similar Playlist”.

in the former case, you’d want some understanding of the acoustic properties of the tracks in the existing playlist. the latter could be done w/ similar artist/track correlation. both are relatively easy to implement w/ the right data.

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  • Nested Playlists
  • Order playlists by most played / most recently played

Roon Playlists

  • Allow users to share Roon playlists publicly, on the forum or website.
  • The above could include automatic and manually created ‘guest’ ones, published by Roon directly (ie. weekly guest playlists, top tracks, new tracks, genre introductions) along with some editorial selection of the best playlists that week.
  • Recommend above ‘Roon playlists’ based on your current playlists/library/listening habits.

Given Roon users by nature probably have better taste in music than your average streaming music site listener this could be a great resource and possibly a key selling point of Roon if done / managed well. ie. tap into this ecosystem of great playlists directly from within Roon.

Handling of 3rd party playlists

  • Better import / syncing from 3rd party playlist sources directly.
  • Allow synced playlist (loaded via Tidal/Qobuz) to find the tracks within your own Library, rather than Qobuz/Tidal.
  • Import of Spotify playlists. However much you may hate them, there is no denying that Spotify has the largest ecosystem of 3rd party playlists out there. If a music site does a ‘intro to Y genre’ chances are it will be presented as a Spotify playlist (over any other, with the exception of maybe YouTube). Ditto most 3rd party playlist aggregation sites default to Spotify. Would be great to be able to load those playlists into Roon in as few steps as possible.
  • Integration with https://www.mixesdb.com would be a nice feature, could possibly be handled by a cut/paste box into which you could simply paste a text based playlist.

All good stuff… I like play counts of Playlists and sharing.

The tricky thing about Roon playlist sharing is some people’s playlists are of their local music, some on Tidal/Qobuz with different version licensing by region. So some sort of Discovery across the user base yes, but not sure how it would work.

Does this mean folders to group playlists? (if not, please explain)

Does this mean folders to group playlists?

  • Nested Playlists

Yes, folders / hierarchy / tags, could be implemented a few ways - just not one big list.

As for mixing local sources and streaming sources in a single playlist, that was another suggestion further down my list ie. allow playlists to find tracks (via fuzzy matching) in your local library followed by whatever streaming service you currently have enabled.

Ideally with a flag or visual indicator for any tracks that couldn’t be found in either source or a selection dialog were multiple options were found. Roon could even store the most popular matches centrally to aid future disambiguation. But that’s getting far too into specific implementation details for a suggestions thread. Bottom line it would be nice to have your playlists agnostic of a single streaming platform, without the need to use a 3rd party ‘playlist sync’ app or service like tunemymusic or soundiz.

If users chose to make their playlists public on the Roon website, then it’s pretty much an extension of the current Roon recommendation engine, but rather than new tracks being recommend based on existing track, it would be public Roon playlists recommended based on an exiting playlist in your Library. Visually it could simple be 2 or 3 recommended pubic playlists from other Roon users shown at the bottom of an existing playlist and an option to add each one to your Library. But again, probably not worth getting into implementation details at this stage!

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I’d settle for some more useful ways to sort playlists. The original and still current sort options are of little use in helping find a particular playlist other than by name.

Date created, date updated, date last played would be much more useful to me.

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one thousand percent!!

@j_a_m_i_e you might like some of my suggestions here:

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I’m a long time user of Mediamonkey and new to Roon. I loved the “smart” playlists I could create on MediaMonkey. I could easily create a list of 100, seldom played (play count <1), non Holiday songs that would automatically repopulate as play count went up. Can I do this in Roon ??