What causes a track to get "stuck" at the end?

The track has been uploaded for you to my server (same place as before).

Hi @anonymouse,

Thanks for uploading that track, I have downloaded it and attached it to your case with QA.
You can go ahead and remove the track now, I will let you know how lab testing goes!

– Noris

Hello @anonymouse,

I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but I wanted to touch base with you here. QA has spent quite a bit of time trying to reproduce this issue in-house with the Linn Klimax we have for testing but have been unable to do so.

As best as we can tell, this issue might be triggered by something environmental on your end, weather it be the network, the firmware version of the Linn Klimax or another variable, it is hard to say.

Has this issue still been occurring recently or has it subsided? I would check to make sure your Linn is on the newest firmware version, and try to simplify the network setup as much as possible.

I wish I had better news here, but since this issue appears to happen randomly, figuring out what causes it can be a difficult process and it might be something environmental that does not often occur that triggers it, such as the network going down right when the next track is loading for a split second or something similar.


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May I just note that this issue is continuing to happen. It seems to happen very frequently when an album ends and the next track is selected from Roon Radio. But I have also seen it happen when moving from one Roon Radio track to another.

I am running Roon Core 1.6 (build 416) stable, and a Linn Klimax DS v 4.70.300.

Have you perhaps had an opportunity to swap notes on this problem with Linn? I could contact their customer Helpdesk (they killed their online community forum) but the real dialogue should be technician-to-technician for which I assume a channel exists.

Please add me to the list of the victims who are suffering the same issue.
FYI - Latest Linn Klimax DSM/3, MM (late 2012) with MacOS 10.14.5 16 RAM 4-core i5.

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Having the same issue when I run my Roon Core on a windows 10 PC.

Raise a separate thread and add your system details.