Where have my albums gone?

Received my license from SOtM two days ago and went about installing roon. The install was a little bumpy, but my fault as I never saw the NO Thanks for the Tidal sign up. My complete iTunes library downloaded before I ever saw any results while staring at the Tidal screen.

As I sit here now the results are horrific. Only 424 of 520 albums downloaded, and dozens and dozens of album artwork covers have been wrongly substituted for what was correct in my library.

It appears that roon combines into one album CDs comprised of two disks. I have maybe 20 of those so If I’m correct perhaps the correct download is 434; still horrible. A look at FAQ indicates “the missing albums may have been corrupted”. NO way. Until roon, I used iTunes via AirPlay regularly without a glitch.

This is beyond dissapointing. Why did roon change anything during the transfer? Where are the missing albums?


PS-I had five six albums with no cover art; roon found two of them for me.

Hi all - posted this in support about 45 minutes ago but no response. I don’t know if they are available on the weekend but I’m sitting here beyond totally disappointed.

Hi welcome to Roon.
I’m new around here about 2 weeks but have had almost zero problems with roon. Most of the problems you are having has to do with metadata. These are the steps that can help (until others chips in):

  1. Album cover: go to settings, Library, Import settings, edit. Change artwork to Prefer file

    Roon will use your artwork instead of Roon’s.

  2. Check this thread on metadata and box sets

  3. Check this thread Before you start

Finally, don’t be frustrated, Roon is really good. Be patient, learn and you will enjoy your music more.


Thank you kayo. I’ll give the artwork edit a try now.


kayo- thanks again. It worked. All my original artwork has been restored. :slight_smile: Whew!!


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Great! Now take a read on sorting your metadata and you will be a happy camper. Take time and get it right. It’s a one-time thing and it’s standard across Media Players (don’t know about iTunes, I stopped using it like 5 years ago when I moved to JRiver. iTunes is truly a horrible software and even worse as a media organizer).
My library is over 40k and I have over 200 box sets and everything is sorted out right in Roon.

Finally, if you need to reference someone’s name, just put @ and the names will come up, that way the person gets notified. Same goes for support, put @ in front and support will be notified and they respond almost immediately.

Thanks again for the artwork tip and the advice above.


Hi @Russell_Lachow,

It takes a little while to get into how Roon works, it is different to other applications… and in general all the better for it.

You will find a huge amount of reference information and help in the Roon Knowledge Base is well worth a read.

Hey @Russell_Lachow – One thing to keep in mind:

Roon doesn’t move, edit, change, or download your music files (unless you explicitly say “delete the files” ). So all your files should be exactly as they were when you first installed Roon. We just need to figure out why they’re not showing up as you expect and you should be all set.

Can you provide the information listed here, along with a screenshot of the Storage tab in Roon’s Settings window. Information about making screenshots is at the end of that post.

Can you also elaborate on this:[quote=“Russell_Lachow, post:1, topic:25660”]
Only 424 of 520 albums downloaded

Some information about missing files is here.

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Hi Carl- yes, thanks. I have a lot of reading up to do.


Hi Mike- thanks for getting back to me. @kayo helped me fix the album cover problem. All the covers are back to what they should be. The only issue is that approximately 100 of the albums from my iTunes library are not showing up in Roon.

Anyway, a long day here already and time for dinner with the family. I’ll pick up tomorrow. Meanwhile, Roon is working great with the albums that did show up.:relaxed:


@Russell_Lachow Did you buy albums in the iTunes Store? I do not know about the current status, but bought albums used to be DRM protected. They don’t show up in Roon (because they have the DRM protection).

Hi Arie- no, I did not buy any albums from the iTunes store. 516 albums are 44.1 AIFF rips of my CD collection. Two albums are hi res downloads from Linn and PS Audio. The remaining two albums are vinyl rips at 24/96.

I’ll get back to the mystery tomorrow with Roon support. Thanks for your query.


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