Zone Icons: What'd we miss?

Someone requested we add a zone icon for “Theater” so before I have our designers draw something up and kick off the process, I thought I’d ask:

Anyone else have a room in their home that’s not covered by the current slate of zone icons? Or some other use case you’d like added?

Let us know what we missed, and we'll add a few new ones in a future release.

Joke replies welcome in this thread, but will not be added to the app… probably :wink:
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The shower

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Beg to differ :stuck_out_tongue:


Missed that one. Now I can finally start ‘singing’ along with Roon Radio.


Yup. I probably have way more zones than most but you asked so here goes… :slight_smile:

Agree with the need for a theater.

I’d love to have something that would enable me to distinguish between a kitchen and dining room. There is one icon that has a table for eating but need 2.

Love to have more choices for bedroom and bathroom so could distinguish between a master bath and bedroom vs others.

Would like to have more outdoor zones icons. Patio. Deck. Tennis Court, Yard, etc…

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A bath … similar to this with and without shower.


How about the proverbial disco ball to indicate a party room?

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Actually, outside zones needs some love. Grill, Patio, Swimming Pool, Lounge Chairs/Adirondack Chairs , Garden/Flower.


Aren’y they already covered?

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Yes, I must have missed them. :flushed:

The one I looked for… laptop. Yes, I know you have a large computer monitor in the collection.

I have a headphone station set up with an ADI DAC that I sometimes move from room to room depending on what I’m up to… how about a headphones icon? I didn’t see one, but maybe I just missed it?

Edit: yes, missed it! Sorry to waste your time reading that!! Updated chez moi now, thanks

Regards alan

I rather have access to use brand like icons than using rooms, dont get me wrong, rooms are useful… BUT :slight_smile: I rather use the DAC icon than use rooms. I like the fact that my Mojo gets picked up as a Mojo. I would like to do the same for the rest of my DACs.


I’d like to see just an AVR type icon (theatre is good tho too) but not all AVR’s are used in theatre rooms.

A stairway? Under water speaker? DAP, android, robot (ya never know)

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There is a laptop icon already.

Something that looks more like a RBPi with a screen, Volumio SOS, or a device like a SB Touch?
I think SBC’s with screens are becoming pretty popular.


I too thought of this as I have a few RPi with screens but most are connected either to a HAT with speakers or a USB DAC/AVR for 2 of mine I use a bedroom and a lounge hifi

It does. You don’t have to choose a zone icon.

The only times you won’t see the DAC icon is when using S/PDIF or a mobile device. That’s because Roon can’t see the DAC.