Audio files corrupt in Linux (SonicTransporter) but not in Win Roon Server [Ticket open]

Just setup a new SonicTransporter i5 (ST), running Roon 1.2 (165) feeding a SonicOrbiter>DAC. All working in terms of playing audio to a DAC but many files are not being added to roon.

After importing audio files from a USB 3.0 external drive mounted to the ST, I’m missing 1187 files from track totals (94,582 correct vs 93,395 shown in Roon). In examining the roon server log from the ST, I get many messages re: Corrupt files. A quick perusal indicates all are mp3 (don’t see any FLAC files reported as corrupt. Messages such as:

12/17 08:34:15 Warn: [storage/directory] Failed to extract audio format from ‘/storage/music/flac/usb/storage/music/flac/MP3_AAC_Only/Grateful Dead/Europe 72 [Bonus Tracks] (2 of 2)/10 Good Lovin’.mp3’: CorruptFile

EDIT: re did everything with the path on the files on the USB drive shortened and nothing changed. For example, new path of above is:

‘/storage/music/flac/usb/flac/MP3_AAC_Only/Grateful Dead/Europe 72 [Bonus Tracks] (2 of 2)/10 Good Lovin’.mp3’

Steps to diagnose:
a. I tested a few dozen of the tracks noted as “CorruptFile” with dbpoweramp (TEST CONVERSION) and foobar20000 file integrity tester. They all report as no problems, and will play in other (nonRoon) players I have. So files seem to be ok and not corrupt.

b. I removed the USB external drive on the ST and connected to my Win8.1 laptop. I have roon 1.2 (165) running on the Win laptop. I hadn’t previously added any watched folder to this instance of Roon. Adding the USB external drive as watched and imported all the files. In the windows instance of Roon, all 94,582 files are imported (i.e., all is correct).

Based on a. and b., it seems that files are not corrupt (files check out OK and even a Win version of Roon imports them correctly).

Make sure there are no special characters in the file names. That thing at the end of lovin may be the issue.

See this.'t_showing_up_in_Roon

If it sees, like this is it then ther are quite a few other threads on this forum that disuse this issue. Here is one.

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thanks philr. Yes, I’ve followed the suggestions in the FAQ. The thread you linked I actually started and @mike helped me out in that case (it was a ZZ Top file name “recycler” that caused the problem!) I think my current issue is different because I don’t have any files noted as corrupt (or not imported into my roon database) in my Windows instance of Roon. It is only in the linux instance in the SonicTransporter that these ~1000 mp3 files are shown as corrupt and not imported. Same USB physical drive with files tested with both instances of Roon, but treated differently in windows vs linux.

Can anyone confirm that roon on linux is more sensitive to naming than roon on windows? @mike

Also, I don’t think it is as simple as the characters. Most of the files shown as corrupt don’t have any special characters. For example, here’s a file noted as corrupt that has no special symbols in name (and is also tested as not corrupt and is imported just fine in Roon running on windows).

12/17 08:34:03 Debug: [storage/directory] extracting /storage/music/flac/usb/storage/music/flac/MP3_AAC_Only/Champs/Unknown/Tequila.mp3
12/17 08:34:03 Warn: [storage/directory] Failed to extract audio format from ‘/storage/music/flac/usb/storage/music/flac/MP3_AAC_Only/Champs/Unknown/Tequila.mp3’: CorruptFile

@support Here’s a link to a file that seems straightforward in naming, and imports OK in Windows roon but NOT in Linux Roon.

From SonicTransporter log when trying to import:

12/19 10:22:42 Warn: [storage/directory] Failed to extract audio format from ‘/storage/music/flac/usb/flac/MP3_AAC_Only/Death Cab for Cutie/Transatlanticism/01 The New Year.mp3’: CorruptFile

Windows Roon, running on Win8.1(64) Dell laptop, roon 1.2 (stable build 165), files on 2TB USB3 file, formated with NTFS.

Linux Roon, running on SonicTransporter i5, v23, roon 1.2. Using exact same mounted USB external drive as used above in windows.

Both machines on same home network, connected to same gigabit switch back to same router.

By the way, it is not strictly linux vs windows I suspect. I have the exact same files on a Vortexbox (fedora linux) server running LMS 7.8 that reads all the files correctly (none corrupt).

Hi @garym ------ Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us. Confirming that I have downloaded the supplied content and that we will be looking into this on our end as well. Once I have some feedback from our testing I will be sure to follow back up asap with our thoughts/findings.


Thanks Eric.

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Hi @Eric Any insights on this issue yet? Thanks.

Hi @garym ----- My sincere apologies for the slow response here. I have had chance to test the provided media and can confirm that I am noticing the same behavior you are.

The content will successfully import for me on Windows and OSX, but can not on Linux. I have issued a ticket for my developers to take a closer look into this problem for you and will report back with their findings once I receive an update.

Thank you again for your feedback and most importantly your patience. Both are greatly appreciated.


Thanks. No Hurry!

Hi @garym ----- Thank you for your patience. Reporting back that a fix has been set into place regarding this issue and is pending the release of 1.3 :microscope:


Thanks. Looking forward to 1.3 release.

@eric Just a note to point out that 1.3 (Build 194) has not resolved this issue for me on my SonicTransporter i5. Thanks.


Some followup and perhaps a way to resolve this (unresolved) issue. Just today I was letting my Windows Roon Server finish analyzing all my tracks for R128, DR, etc. For kicks I opened the tracks view in roon and sorted on DR values. I noticed that there were many tracks (almost 1000) without DR values. Lo and behold, the tracks with no DR values have the notation “corrupt” listed along with the track names. (NOTE: these tracks are not listed in the skipped files section of my library and all show up in total track count.)

I then notice that these files seem to be the same files as the approximate 1000 files that are NOT importing in my Linux version of Roon Server (running on SonicTransporter i5), The difference is that in the ST, they show up as “skipped files” in the library. These are mp3 files and are all a bit odd (because they are free downloads from artist websites, or downloads from subscribed podcasts, etc.). The commonality seems to be:

  1. A file created with MPEG 2.5 Layer III, that has a sample rate of 11025.
  2. a file created with MPEG 2 Layer III, that has a sample rate of 22050

By the way, in my windows roon these files play just fine (even though marked as corrupt). But again, they get “skipped” in my ST (linux) roon install and not imported (listed in skipped files section as corrupt). Here’s some file examples:

EDIT: To summarize, it seems that windows roon can import these, can’t add R128, shows them as corrupt, but DOES PLAY THEM. In contract, the linux (ST) version can’t import these files and shows them as skipped (corrupt).

Hi @garym ---- Thank you for the update and sharing the observations that were made during your testing! Confirming that I have grabbed the content and have placed everything in my testing queue. Once I have had a chance to test with the content I will be sure to follow up with my findings.

Furthermore, I saw the advice given to you here by Andrew in regard to formatting your external drive to exFAT, please let me know if this procedure has any effect on this behavior you are reporting here.


Formatting drive to exFAT makes my ST file import stable (and correct) except for 942 files listed as skipped. see my post above with sample files that are skipped by ST but import in Roon Windows.

I took a look at these files and they are a little weird. But Squeezebox Server (under Linux) can index and play them fine so it seems like Roon should be able to as well.

Roon is going to take a look at this and try and fix it next time they work on codecs.

@support please make sure there is a ticket logged for this with @garym files attached to it. Thanks.

Thanks Andrew. Yes, these are very odd files mp3 files. But as you note, LMS will import them in linux. And Roon Windows will import them. And thanks for your help on the attached drive to my SonicTransporter i5. With exFAT, I’m seeing stability. Love the ST unit…

I noticed that a few older mp3 files had no DR. When looking at the file information, they show “+InfinitydB” as track gain.

If I play one of these tracks, they are very loud and highly distorted. If I play the entire album (rather than one track), the same tracks are OK (because they are using AlbumGain value, which is a normal value). If I set Roon to use ReplayGain values from the tags instead, then both track and album RG reports correctly and file plays with no distortion, etc. Here’s an example file.

Setup: SonicTransporter i5 playing through SonicOrbiter SE. Roon is ver 204. ST and SO are updated to latest firmware.