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I like the way how tags and focus are implemented. But I’m wondering:

  • I can focus on all identified albums, but how do I get all unidentified albums
  • I can filter on tags and the results show all albums that have ‘tag1’ OR ‘tag2’. How do I get all results that have ‘ta1’ AND ‘tag2’?



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In case that isn’t obvious, clicking on a filter gives you it’s negative.

Hey, thnx! That’s easy :grinning:

Is using ‘AND’ instead of OR with tags just as simple?

Not as simple, but it can be done. It relies on the fact that combining a tag with a negated tag uses AND logic.

So, to produce tag1 AND tag2:

Focus on tag1.
Invert (tap the green plus to turn it to red minus)
select all, 3 dots edit > add to tag > new tag. Name it not-tag1 (for instance)

Focus on not-tag1
Now the magic…
Also Focus on tag2.


You might want to bookmark final result.

(With acknowledgemts to @James_I who came up with the idea)


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