No portrait mode on iPad Pro 4th gen

Having read several Roon forum posts saying that roon worked in portrait mode on iPad Pro models (because having to turn the iPad just to use roon is infuriating) I decided to invest in the 4th gen iPad Pro 12 point whatever inch. Only to find that roon does not function in portrait mode on this device.
If I open it while in portrait orientation, I get what appears to be an attempt, but 90 degrees in the wrong direction

Is this for real in 2020?

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Thanks for the link. A worrying start to my roon license.

I’m not saying I understand this in any detail but the technology that roon uses on the control device is akin to a game engine and, due to a reason I don’t know, it has to be custom fit for new i devices.
Users are often ahead of the room team, installing beta versions of iPad operating systems for example, so leading to frustration when roon are waiting for an actual release to test against.

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Hey @Reamonn_Lenkas, welcome to the community! Ged is correct, we need to make an adjustment to support portrait mode on this version of iOS. Our team is working on this and we hope to have something out soon.

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Thanks, that is slightly more reassuring.

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And please make this work for all iPad models, if possible. I am using an iPad Pro 11” and it is infuriating to be forced to keep changing orientation.
Roon is the way I now listen to all music and this is literally the only thing I have a complaint about.
Brilliant otherwise!


I cannot comprehend why we are even discussing this. Most people with iPads spend the majority of their time in portrait mode, and 99.9% of apps are designed to run in portrait. Having to turn it to run one (important) app drives me nuts.
With every batch of update releases I eagerly hope that roon is included but no luck so far.

Today’s the day:

Today is not the day. Core has been updated and restarted but iPad still stuck in landscape. Hopefully an update to the iPad app will usher it into 2020.

So – is this only supposed to work on the iPad Pro 12.9" or also on the iPad Pro 11"? And only on the 2020 models or also on the earlier ones. I have a 2018 iPad Pro 11" and would REALLY like to have this feature. However, even after updating, the situation seems to be unchanged and it is landscape only. Or is there something buried in the settings??

I understand that it works on the 3rd gen iPad pro 12.9". I can’t comment on other models.

I suspect you are not alone in expecting such a basic feature.

This core update has changed nothing. Perhaps an app update will fix this.

App update has just been released and Roon now works in portrait mode on 4th gen iPad Pro.

I cannot believe that statement is news in 2020.

I just updated the app in app store and the firmware on my Nucleus+. Still no portrait mode on the Ipad Pro 12´9 2020

Same with Pro 11 2020. Not tested 537 yet.

I’m no expert, but have you tried restarting your core?

Mine is 537

Hello All,

Currently only the iPad Pro 12.9 model (all generations) supports portrait mode with Roon.

We’re working on adding portrait mode to additional iPad models, but this is a work in progress and as such we cannot comment on any specific timelines of when this work will be completed.

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This is regarding a 12.9 2020 ipad pro, still no portrait mode even after i updated to 537 and updated the app in the app store.

Hey @Aleksander_Tengesdal, do you have any success after reinstalling on this remote?