Queue skips songs after build 154 update [Fixed in build 157]

The Queue function will occasionally skip a song and will sometimes also stop playing altogether, bring up “Select an Audio Zone”, then bring up the next song on the bottom but won’t play. I have a mix of sampling and bit rates from a minimum CD to 24/192 and I suspect it may have something to do with changing bit and sampling rates from one song to the next, but am not certain.
I didn’t notice this issue before updating to build 154.
I use an iPad Air 2 to control a Mac Mini core (late 2012) 2.3G i7, 8GB RAM, 2x 1TB hard drive.
Haven’t noticed any other anomalies.

Love this software!


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Same problem here Jim. Thanks for describing it.



Hi @Jim_C ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the issue here. Based on your report it sounds like you may be experiencing audio dropouts in roon which would case the program to skip from track to track. Dropouts can be caused by a variety of reasons as seen [here]

In order to accurately troubleshoot this issue I would like to get a better understanding of your setup and the gear you are working with and will be contacting you via PM momentarily to gather some information from you. Thanks!


Hi @Ruud_Brocheler — Thank you for chiming in and my apologies as well. I will be contacting you via PM momentarily, thanks!


I have reported this skipping separately. Once again, only since build 154 and repeatable. Any time a switch to another format from the queue or from radio, the song is skipped.

System: Dedicated Windows 7 media PC, USB to Esoteric K-03-X, music files on Synology 214+ connected to PC via Ethernet cable over gigabit network connection. RoonServer running on PC. Controlled via various iOS devices.

I can replicate this issue. This is definitely a bug. I never have dropouts.

@eric, my Roon Server core is on a Mac Mini and controlled via iPad Air 2.

As with @scirica, I selected a Tidal track 16/44 and pressed Play. I then added a 24/88 track to the queue. I then added another Tidal 16/44 track to the queue.

As soon as the first Tidal track finishes, the 24/88 track tries to start and then completely skips to the next Tidal track.

I can replicate with various track formats.

Cheers, Greg

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Thanks Greg. Good to know I am not alone!

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Hi @eric,

Let me know if you want me to put a ticket in for this.

Cheers, Greg

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Replicated here.

Roon Core is on a Windows 10 PC with watched iTunes and Digital Music folders. No NAS. Endpoints are Airplay to my Marantz receiver and ASIO to my Oppo DAC. Music sources range from AAC 256k to 24/192 flac to DSD64.

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I have a problem when playing track with different file formats, Roon wont change at all. Fisrt track is always OK but next track wont play if it is in another file format. It doesn’t matter if I go from 24/48 to 16/44 or 16/44 to 24/48.

I use Windows10 and a Grace m920 DAC connected using usb.


This is a new phenomenon, likely noticed only since the last build (154). I’m monitoring the iOS app while I’m shuffling a genre (Jazz Vocal currently). If the next song is a different format than the currently playing song, it is skipped over. This seems to happen every time there is a format change. This also happens if I’m playing an album all the way through that is in one format and queue an album in another format. In that scenario, the first song of the queued album is skipped.


Dedicated PC for audio (Windows 7) running RoonServer. WW Platninum USB cable to Esoteric K-03X DAC/Player. Music is on Synology 214+ NAS. Computer or NAS does not sleep during this process and the NAS is connected over a gigabit switch via ethernet. Minimal latency, if any.

I know there are other skipping threads, so I’m not averse to this being combined to another, but I did not read one that was skipping during the changeover from one song to the next.



Quick follow up. I thought MAYBE this could be unique to my new Esoteric DAC, but I checked the other DAC in my system (Bryston BDA-3) and I’m having the same issues. Same exact configuration as above, just replace K-03X with BDA-3.

I was going to suggest, copying two albums of different format to the local PC in a new watched folder called TEST for something and see if it happens with the NAS out of the loop. Also, try Toslink or SPDIF instead of USB to make sure it is not a USB thing.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been using Roon since pre-beta and this issue has only happened since the latest build release. Logic would defy anything you’ve suggested as tests. Having said that, I’d be willing to try some files on the PC and take the NAS out of the loop. Going to another connection is not a option as that will not be a go-forward solution. Roon has to function via USB, or what’s the point?

I think Daniel was merely suggesting the scenarios as a means of narrowing down where the issue might lie in order to help diagnosis, and not as a workaround going forward…

I’m sure that was the case, and his intent was to be helpful which is always appreciated. The good thing is that one of our moderators here was able to consistently reproduce precisely what I was seeing on his own system, and labeled it a “bug”. I’m sure it will be addressed in a future release once triaged.

Thanks to everyone!

[quote=“scirica, post:1, topic:13169”]
I know there are other skipping threads, so I’m not averse to this being combined to another, but I did not read one that was skipping during the changeover from one song to the next.[/quote]
While I only tested with two songs, what you are describing seems to be the same thing I am encountering - Not a playlist but just songs playing and songs in a queue that differ in sample rate.

Glad to hear they found the issue and are addressing it.

I have Roon setup to only play PCM, up to 192. If I am playing a DSD file (playing 176.4) and the next song is anything but DSD, once the first (DSD) song ends and goes to the second (say 44.1), the second songs gets ready to play, you see the audio waveform on the bottom, there is NO signal path light, seek bar is at ZERO, and the song just sits there. Hitting pause, play again does nothing. You have to select the song then hit play (smash button).

If I am playing the same first song (DSD) and hit NEXT (arrow), the next song (say 14.4) plays fine.

Playing any format and playing another song (different format) before the first one ends has no issues. This only happens when one song ends on its own and goes to the next song. If the same format/bitrate, the next song plays fine.

Second - this happens on either my main rig, or on another computer in the home, so it looks like this is pointing to the Core server on Win10.

Lastly, the first and second format does not matter, as long as they are different to cause the hang on the next song.

No playback devices on CORE. I see this error using RoonBridge, or using a computer with Roon installed - both using different OS and playback device (DAC, RealTek driver, etc.)

@mike, @danny - I have a log file to send up.

Running latest version 154 - even tried going back a version - 147


Windows 10 64Bit, RoonServer latest version, no endpoints.

Remote Machines:

2012R2 64bit - Mutec Driver - DAC - Pre
Win7 Pro 64 Bit, RealTek Driver - Local Speakers

Ok, I’ve combined 4 threads into this one.

If you feel your posts should not be here, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

There have been a number of users that have easily reproduced this issue. I will be putting a ticket in to have this fixed.

** Ticket In #14901

Thanks for your help and patience.

Cheers, Greg

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Thanks Greg. I believe mine belongs here and I’ll make myself available to Eric’s team for any troubleshooting.

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