Roon Search does not return full results

This is not a technical issue, so i have remove the technical section.

Description of Issue

Roon gives us the contents of our local and remote media libraries by “Search”, not browsing. There are other ways to find stuff of course, like Filter and Focus, but they don’t apply in this scenario.
I recently decided to clean up some of my folder naming, to specifically make use of the new found capability to Search for Album Version, as Roon interprets it.
I name my folders with occasional release info within brackets of the album folder:

Patricia Barber\Companion [1999] [HDTracks]
Or to be more specific:
/roon/sys/storage/mounts/InternalStorage/A-Music/MFSL (16X44)/Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms [MFSL] [XRCD 2 JAPAN]/

The problem is;
When searching for contents which have Version populated in some form, only 50 results are displayed? (Search “MFSL”, where i have a couple of hundred. Press Return and view the “full results view”. Then click “See more” in the Album section…)

And as the same 50 albums come up every time, how do i find the rest of them? I need to find them first, to be able to apply a Tag, Bookmark or make any other form of shortcut to the group.

Same with every other version info i have put in the folder names…

This came up as a result of the thread where a guy requests information on how to “label” individual albums for refererence.

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Well, i was aware of one of’em, still worth upping this again!
Thanks for the research!

And the thing is, to be able to tag or bookmark there is no “other way” of identifying albums with a particular Version.
Filter does not retrieve Version, and since the purpose of searching for them is to Tag them, i cannot select items through Tags or Focus on his criteria as far as i know?

Perhaps it is a Focus feature request?


I did find a way to work around this problem, with the purpose to Tag all of my Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs releases with the Tag “MFSL”.

More of a “proof of concept” than a work around, but still…

First, i searched for MFSL using Roon Search, that gave 50 results which were then added to the MFSL tag.
Then i went to the Album view and Focused on label “Mobile” & “MFSL” whoch gave few dozen more.
Next step was to bring up my laptop (why, oh why, can’t i be allowed to export to Excel on the iPad???) and export my full library to an excel sheet.
In Excel, i filtered out albums with Version set to MFSL, easy peasy. Then i excluded those that were assigned the Tag “MFSL” and was left with a few dozen albums.
Finally, it was just some gruesome work manually filtering out the remaining albums and assigning them to the Tag manually and individually…

Lots of futzing about, to accomplish this!

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Hi @Mikael_Ollars,

The team has ticketed this issue and is testing a fix over in Early Access. Since there are more recent tracking threads concerning backend search improvements that involve this, we’re going to close this out.

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