Roon server file for Synology beta version DSM 7.0-41222?

Does anyone have installed this file for new beta version DSM 7.0-41222.?
When I installed new beta version to my DS916+, it made older roon file incompatible, had to remove and cannot revert to previous once installed.
Contacted Synology, knows about the issues, solution must come from supplier.

No answer to this myself, but i too have DS916+ running Roon and had heard of issues with V7

Search the forum (for “dsm 7” can be a good start).

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We must not be the only user of DS916+, plus any other Synology users.
There must a fix? Once Synology switches DSM 7…out of beta, every Synology users will have to find alternative solutions to use Roon.
Right now I am using Audirvana until there is fix, or will leave Roon and save renewal fees.

Thank you, I works!!!, Had to install/delete everything several times, started from scratch. I can no longer use my external SSD (not happy) which was were roon core was located. Wish there was a solution. Now reloading everything. Note: I have tried suggested, Control Panel > Shared Folders > Edit > Permissions to switch “Local Users” to “System internal User” and set each Music directories to “read/write”, since I have Muti directories for music types.
May not be correct setting? But it works.
Looking forward to your future Core.
Thank you.

I installed the beta. Installation completed but when I try to open I get refused connection with… being my roonserver ip address. However instead of using the normal :xxxx it uses :8888. I tried to open that port on my firewall for my server’s address but that did not help. Any suggestions? I am using Synology 1019+ celeron 64 bit based. Also although core application says Open on my DS1019+, Roon player on my windows pc or other devices no longer sees server

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The current beta opens a non-existent webpanel which results in a 404 error page. this is normal, as I was checking options to implement a webpanel at time of release. So you can ignore this and it will be fixed in the next build for DSM7.
I’d check if log Roon Server files are written to your specified shared folder for the database. There should be in a subfolder /RoonServer/Logs. If logs files are written (can also be verified by its time stamp), I’d check if there is a firewall (on your Diskstation or Windows PC) running, that might block network communication.

I do have a firewall but it worked fine before the upgrade to DSM 7. Here is a link to the the information from the log. Roon server log

Hi @James_Aguirre,
Can you stop Roon Server on the DSM7 again and check for your the shared folder of your database, if it has read and write permissions in the shared folder settings? You can find the permissions in the permissions tab of the shared folder when selecting “internal Users”:

This is just an idea, based on your logs files, as I could read the LOCK file could not be created due to permission errors:

06/07 14:52:46 Debug: NotifyCorruptZoneDatabases Exception LevelDb.Exception: IO error: /volume1/RoonServer/RoonServer/Database/Core/c174868e0d0f461ea4582a483d4aa1bd/transport/zone_16010b9bea7932767bf3804522871d4b6f3a.db/LOCK: Permission denied

Permissions were correct. This is the message I get. Although the ip in the address is correct the number following the address :8888 is not one I normally see when opening the NAS. I assume that is the port number.

Hmmm… can’t reach this page

192.168.x.x refused to connect.



Yes, this is known with the beta and mentioned in my previous reply:

In the next release the “open” button will not contain a link…

Just curious if you found a solution for this. I get the same error and assume that something needs to open port 8888 on the synology’s firewall. But I’m not sure.

No I ignored it and the application said it was running, the devices showed up on my android application under settings audio, but then on the bottom of the screen it says No audio devices found. Even when you pick “Manage audio devices” they show up as enabled on the top part of the screen, but you are not allowed to select them. I have given up! I will wait until DSM 7 is out of beta and if there is not fix to the Roon app, I will have not choice but to cancel. Even though I liked it, it is useless now.

The official release is out in the wild since a few days ago:

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I just made the upgrade or patch to DSM 7-41890. Roon Core is still not allowing me to select audio devices for use even though they show up as enabled. Will need to wait for Chris to release next version of Roon for DSM 7

Thanks. I am still having problems. I ignored the :8888 error and core shows as running from other applications. However, even though the applications let me enable and configure audio devices they will not let me use them. When I start application it shows my music with a message at the bottom of screen saying no audio devices. When I select the the link “Manage audio devices” it lets me enable and configure but will not allow me to select and audio device for use. I will wait to hear from you about potential fixes or new release for Synology. I an now using Synology DSM 7.0-41890 which is no longer a beta as far as I can tell.

je viens de mettre mon Synology 1817+ en DNS 7.0 et plus de Roon server

que faire ??

J’ai aussi …Téléchargez Roon Server pour la version bêta de DSM7

Trouver sur le forum… Cela fonctionne il trouve mon roon serveur sur Synology, sauf que mon Dac audio GD est en USB et pas de son ,:smirk:

Je pense que je suis dans le mĂŞme cas que
James_Aguirre, il voit les périphériques mais il n’arrive pas à les sélectionner

I just put my Synology 1817+ in DNS 7.0 and more from Roon server

what to do??

I also … Download Roon Server for DSM7 Beta

Find on the forum… It works it finds my server roon on Synology, except that my GD audio Dac is in USB and no sound ,:smirk:

I think I am
in the same case as James_Aguirre, it sees the devices but it can not select them

known issue: DSM 7.0 no longer supports external USB devices (except disks :wink:
Solution: revert back to DSM 6 but unsure if this is feasible at all

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Bonjour, mon Dac audio GD n’est pas connecté en USB sur mon Synology…