Roon sometimes skips to the next track without the network problem popup

I think I also have this problem.

There are actually two similar problems, but different.

The first is the famous “network problem”, which is really annoying - Roon really should try to retry instead of jumping to the next track. It’s about time this to be resolved, it’s reported a long time ago by many users.

However, the new problem is that Roon sometimes skips to the next track without the network problem popup. Here is what I know:

  • this started happening 2-3 months ago
  • if I repeat the song that was partly skipped, it will be skipped at exactly the same position again. This can be repeated any number of times.
  • if I try to play the song in Tidal, it’s perfect
  • if I try in a few hours, it will be ok

Hi @gmit2

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

How often are you seeing this issue occur?

Does this happen with local content?


Roon server is running on Synology 1819+. It’s not being accessed heavily (or at all) at the time the problem happens.

Remote is on PC and an endpoint is Matrix mini-i 3 pro (but it happened on Schiit Modi as well).

My local network is a bit complex, but it’s in a good condition and I normally don’t have problems.

My internet connection is not very good (which, unfortunately, cannot be improved).

I see the issue every day to every few days. If it happens, it often happens on multiple tracks.

I don’t often play local content, so I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty certain it’s Tidal contents only, likely triggered by the imperfect internet connection. The part that confuses me is that network problem popup is not shown and the problem is repeatable after I restart the song - it’s always at exactly the same spot as it was the first time. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention. If I restart the song and move time past the spot where it breaks, songs continues ok (unless it happens again).

It doesn’t happen only on some particular album.

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This is exactly the problem I am experiencing.
Did you get a response from #support at all?

As you can see, nothing…

Seems they have found an issue:

Well, it remains to be seen if that helps.

Since repeating the song breaks it at the exactly the same place, I wonder how is retrying going to help… But who knows.

It’s not fixed.

I see retrying when network problem popup is about to happen - there is stuttering in the sound which wasn’t the case before (I’m not complaining about that). Sometimes it manages to resume, sometimes it skips with popup.

However, skipping without popup (and without prior stuttering) still happen…

After more than a month without this happening (apparently it was fixed with the previous build after all), I have experienced skipping more than 5 times after I’ve updated to build 806 yesterday.

Hey @gmit2, there are a few things that jump out to me in this thread, I’ll quote them below and follow up with my comments/questions.

This is a pretty brutal 1-2 punch, but let’s see what you’re working with. Can you provide more detail about how your network is set up? As much as you can provide – equipment you’re using (model names of routers/switches/extenders), how your devices are connected, any VPNs, etc. Please also visit and report back your upload/download speeds.

After the prior update you reported that you were still getting skips, so something’s not right here and it seems unrelated to Roon updates.

A couple of other questions:

  • Can you reproduce the problem playing to system output?
  • If you get skips with system output, can you let me know the local time & date that the skip occurred, and the title of the skipped track?
  • If you don’t get skips with system output, switch back to the Mini-I 3 Pro and let me know the local time & date of the next skip, and the title of the skipped track

I don’t have VPNs, I have multiple switches to cover various devices in my house, but the path from Synology that runs Roon server to Internet router and to Matrix Mini-i Pro3 is actually quite simple. They are on two managed switches that are connected together (D-Link DGS-1250-28X and Netgear XS512EM). I never had any trouble with any device connected to them.

My Internet connection is poor, but better than it was; it’s using 4G+ and I mostly get 30/40mbit D/U, but I’ve seen drops down to 6/10. It’s always usable, though, no disconnections.

However, have in mind that I’m not complaining on stuttering that might be caused by glitches in my internet access. I was complaining about skipping tracks by Roon without retrying, the problem many people had (there are multiple threads on the forum).

I agree that part stinks, but, after that report, the skipping simply stopped happening and I’ve had smooth performance until yesterday after I’ve updated Roon.

At the moment I cannot check that, but I do know that it never ever happened using local files.

After having seen this happen multiple times yesterday, I must say today’s performance was spotless. I will pay attention in the future and let you know about songs/times.

If I’m the only one reporting this problem again, I’d say you should ignore me as it was probably something at my place. However, if more people will complain about reappearing on version 806, please recheck what developers did in 806 compared to the previous version.

BTW, before version 795 the problem was real. My last two reports, one with version 795 appeared to be false/temporary and with version 806 it’s likely to be on the same path (if I don’t get proven otherwise) - skipping reappeared only in the short period right after the version update. Would it be possible that Roon server is doing some kind of internal maintenance that might trigger such behaviour?

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