Skipping and Powerline Adapters


I returned the Netgear adapters since they didn’t solve my problem. I did update the Trendnet firmware, but didn’t see a difference.



At an early stage in this process I moved the laptop to the room with the NAS and connected by wire. Playback was fine, so the NAS was eliminated as the source of the problem.

Though it’s expensive to run ethernet cable to the opposite end of the house, that’s my current plan. I’ll also set up an access point there, so my wireless coverage should be much better throughout the rest of the house.


Have you tried different Ethernet adapters. I use the BT ones under £30 on Amazon and they just work.

I just purchased some Actiontec MoCA adapters (ethernet over coaxial cable) and should have them by the weekend. Might be a viable alternative to POE. I’ll post how they are working out next week after they’ve been in a couple of days. Works in homes with cable TV installs (not satellite TV).


So it is not just Roon that has problems but any other network service you run that is having issues over the Powerline adapters? For example, do you run any video like Plex or can you play YouTube videos?

It does appear that the Powerline adapters are not going to work in your situation.



I’ve tried Netgear and Trendnet adapters. The Netgear was a little better, but didn’t solve the problem. I don’t think that BT is available in the US.



YouTube works fine over my Powerline adapters. This is consistent with my guess that the problem is that the adapters go into power saving mode. Video seems to generate enough two-way activity to keep the adapters active.

Foobar playing the same audio files as Roon also has problems. One good trouble shooting feature is that Foobar gives a screen message describing the problem when it can’t properly read the music file.


I have never heard of nor seen Powerline adapters that have a power-saving mode. That seems like a very bad feature for a networking device of any kind (switch, router, etc.).


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Powerline adapters do have power saving modes- sometimes configurable, sometimes not. Even switches have power saving modes, but I’ve never encountered a problem because of it.


Interesting - not that I’ve seen in North America as far as I recall.


What a pain for you especially to be almost there…

At my weekend cottage, I use several of these:
NETGEAR Powerline 500 Nano 1 GigE Port

I use them with out of the box defaults and they work well with HD movies, 24/192 FLAC files, etc. The only “sleep” I’m aware of is that they do go into some sort of standby mode under the following circumstances as noted in the userguide. Even though, I’ve never had so much as a split second delay in playing music to my endpoints. Everything is always instant other than any buffering my endpoints use. (computer with music is connected via powerline back to router, and player endpoint is connected to router via different powerline adapter).

Power saving mode occurs when the Ethernet LED is off. This can occur when:

  • The Ethernet cable is unplugged.
  • The device connected through the Ethernet cable is turned off.
  • The adapter is idle for 10 minutes.

The adapter returns to normal mode within 2 seconds once the Ethernet link is up.

I use two ActionTec MOCA adapters (bonded high speed) across a dedicated piece of COAX with excellent results. I can stream full bitrate blu-ray over them, along with everything else that’s going on, with no dropouts.

Powerline adapters never worked well enough for me.

Another option: use eeros as your access points, and bridge wirelessly where you need to. The mesh will deal with all the details, and you can hardwire into them as needed. Should be plenty fast enough for ROON.

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Received my Actiontec MoCA Bonded 2.0 ethernet via coaxial cable adapters today. Installation was quick. MicroRendu and Bryston BDP-1 both function well in Roon Ready mode. Couldn’t get connected to the microRendu via NAA HQ Player.

Not sure if its a settings or compatibility issue.

Open Mesh do a nice wi-fi solution. As the name suggests, placing more than one WAP means you can create a mesh network across your house. Powerline solutions are not recommended. Performance is generic across brands. Marantz tried a powerline solution a few years back. Pretty average. S/N ratio about 80ish%.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I spent the money, and had Cat6 ethernet cable run under my house from the office to the audio system in the living room. The system has run my tests flawlessly for many hours. I plan to move the laptop into the office, and move the music off of the NAS and onto the laptop’s internal drive, with Roon Bridge running on a very small, fanless computer in the living room, and maybe elsewhere. I will install a wireless access point in the living room, improving wireless coverage where it is currently weak. So, if I decide to expand Roon to other rooms, I expect wireless to be sufficient.

Anybody want some Trendnet Powerline adapters?

On to fixing my metadata…


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The ethernet cable is definitely the best solution. Enjoy the fruits of your accomplishment with some great music tracks…:grinning:

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I will put my experience here as it is something I discovered recently.

I have two BT power line adapters upstairs to the bedroom and suffered occasional drop outs. Power cycling one of the plugs would re establish the connection.

Following a re jig in my main system I had a spare iFi power supply that I could use on my Meridian MS200 in the bedroom. Also there was a normal wall wart power supply in the adjacent socket to the Power line adapter.

I decided to put the iFi power supply next to the Power Line adapter and move the other wall wart to the opposite end of the power block.
Result, where as I always had an orange or red glowing LED on the power line adapter, now all three LEDs are and have remained green. I have had no further drop outs as well.

I hope this is helpful to other power line adapter users as it’s worth a try if you can.

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Hi there.
Ethernet cable is the best solution, i completly agree with this. But some times it is not possible because of the distribution of your house.
I am having the same problems user Esskay told us. Drops and jumps to the next song, and it is quite frustrating.

I am using an intel NUC as a server, Node2 as endpoint and Hugo2 as dac, and i have observed that when these problems happens, if i use the Node2 application (BluOS Controller) or even Spotify, using Node2 as endpoint, there are no drops.

I really would like someone at roon could take a look into raat protocol to improve the support for power lines.

Thank you for this great product. A perpetual license here.

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