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Could you please put theSolution icon (green :white_check_mark:) next to topics at the bottom of threads I’m following ie. Suggested Topics. Thank you.

I don’t understand your request. Solution markers are used in #support, and a few other categories, and are used to indicate when a query or support request is resolved.

Hi @Martin_Webster , I created the request in support and someone moved it. I don’t always go to the home page which is the only place where the solution icon shows up except for the post from the OP. You have to reread the entire thread to see it. So if you are returning to a thread and reading the new posts it is normal to go to the suggested topics at the bottom of the page with new posts and if some of those have been resolved you wouldn’t know.

I moved your post to #roon-community-site since it’s not a #support request, but about Discourse functionality.

When you view latest posts or unread posts, which are accessible via the top bar drop down, any threads marked “solved” are shown.

For example …

Can it be put on the Suggested Topics at the bottom of the page as well? Thanks


Suggested Topics

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The forum software is called Discourse, and this probably isn’t something Roon can change. Moreover, any posts that are solved will display this icon irrespective of where they are linked.

If you’re looking for a specific topic that is solved, use the search, and on advanced filters, select solved posts.

I don’t believe you have understood my request. I did not understand the reference to Discourse and Solved query icons don’t appear in Suggested Topics. But you can consider this request solved. :white_check_mark:

The Suggested Topics list will show any unread topics that you are watching or tracking that are less than 90 days old . If there are fewer than 5 unread topics in the list, random topics that are less than 365 days old will be appended to the list.

The solved icon only appears when the flag is set.

Posts in this category do not have the option to mark as solved.

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OK, so the answer is no. I get it.