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Sonos S2 devices being the issue
Other devices connected : BW Formation Duo, BS Powernode 2i, Lumin U1Mini

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My Sonos devices are disappearing from Roon @dylan. I understood you know the issue from beta testing. I am talking about Sonos Streaming devices, Airplay Sonos devices are still there. Please refer to :

Every Sonos is connected wirelessly. I need to restart Roon to make them come back but they always disappear again after some minutes / hours.

Your help to find the issue will be most welcome.
Best regards.

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Hi @dylan you might want to get the team to review the different sets of logs I sent over during testing of this issue

The poster here though is all WiFi so that could be interesting. I’m not home to install the final release version until the weekend and hopefully mine stays workings.

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I just shut down all Sonos and Core and then connect all again. I will see tomorrow morning if the devices are still there and I will tell you

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Unfortunately I checked this morning after doing this and my Sonos Streaming S2 devices are not there. Airplay Sonos devices are ok though

Please help

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If you use Rock you can just restart the Roon portion rather than rebooting the service, though it only saves a few seconds.

May be different for all of us but it certainly looked like one of my Sonos devices was routing traffic through it (a problem I also originally had when I bought my Orbi Mesh). Taking the Ethernet out seemed to fix it through the betas for me.

I never had one drop out over the last week of testing. Though I did put a lot of hours into testing it and making minor tweaks to my setup.

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New update = 24bit stream (Sonos S2 firmware) implementation on Roon. No problems here, after up (5 minutes ago) but I worry about:

that. So, Roonlabs?

PS. Why you not upgrade support / show up “new” devices? All S2 without icons: One, Arc, Beam, AMP, Port…

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I don’t believe going through S2 will solve the issue as all my Sonos are S2 and keep disappearing after a while just after the latest upgrade of Roon. There is something that I am missing, @dylan. Please help

I am thinking of connecting one Sonos via Lan but I understand here

that this will not solve the issue apparently.


I am all S2 and it didn’t make any difference.
I tried playing music constantly but it didn’t make any difference.
It looks like the discovery process goes wrong.
Mine was stable after changes I made toy Sonos setup, but I have not updated to the release build as I am on holiday.

I was using my MA mini I Pro 3 for a couple of days (into my Sonos amp) as it was the only way to keep it reliable for the first couple of days.

Hmmmm weird since the update my Sonos disappear very often from Roon

I have to restart Roon or the Sonos to make them appear again

Not the Airplay Sonos devices but the Sonos streaming devices

Any clue of what is causing that?

Best regards

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I had this exact problem during beta testing.
Turned out it was hard wired Sonos devices causing the issue (Sonos was routing traffic through it rather than Mesh)

If you have a Mesh network, unplug the Ethernet from anything that is plugged into a Mesh and go to Wireless.

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Not sure I follow
I have a mesh router yes, Synology AC 2600 (or something like that). But no Sonos is connected through LAN, everything is Wifi

Do you think there is something wrong in my setup ? Everything was working fine before the update ie no Sonos (with Sonos Streaming) disappearing

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I don’t think it’s your setup as such, just I had the identical issue. My Sonos would last between 3 and 12 hours on the network and then I would have to restart the Roon Core for it to find the Sonos devices again.

If everything is wireless then I’m not sure what you can do. I would start a support thread with the Roon team and @dylan is aware of the logs I sent in in support of this issue.

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Hi @skbe, can you give us some details on your Core and network setup? Thanks!

Hi @dylan
Yesterday I created a specific support ticket about my issue here :

Please let me know if you need something else. At the time I am writing these words, no Sonos Streaming device is displayed in Roon

Many thanks for your support here

Hi @skbe, apologies, I’ve moved everything to that support post so we can keep all the information in one place. Would you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Thanks!

Many thanks @dylan I just sent you the logs by PM
Please keep me posted

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Hi @dylan any news on any of these issues.

My problem has come back today (after working perfectly for several weeks) and I have had to reboot the Roon Core twice.

I am able to play music from Sonos, Tidal etc and once again it is only Roon that seems to be impacted.

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