Apple to launch Classical app on Mar 28

Will support up to 24/192 (I assume with a wired connection–not Airplay).


Apple Music requires a DAC attached to an IOS device for high resolution lossless. This will be part of Apple Music for no additional cost.


Thanks Jim.
After reading the original post I screamed a little inside thinking I was going to ‘need’ yet another app/streaming service. :sweat_smile:

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Only on iPhone why?

Apple does lossless only on Apple devices. High res requires an attached DAC. You would need to ask them why, but it seems obvious to me.

They are coming out with a Windows version that does lossless and the above linked article says Android is coming.

Damn, I can’t use it cause it’s not supported in Japan. (I do live in South Korea but, 1: It’s not supported here either. 2: My Apple account is Japanese account.)
I still have to wait for another launch.

Redemption for a company largely responsible for the “album/artist/song” Procrustean Bed digital classical music has been forced onto for years?

I have minimal interest in any music service confined to the Apple/IOS sandbox, but if they plan on expanding to more generalized devices I may be interested.

I’m interested in seeing how they handle metadata.

It could be a sign of things to come (improve) to their main Apple Music app.

The Tidal app does a great job already with linking credits

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Have been enjoying the FREE Concertino for some time and it is great - donate pl :smiling_face:


Is Roon going to incorporate the new Apple Music Clasical to be launch in a month, as a new service in ROON?
This new “apple music classical” is the relaunch of the Primephonic patform unique for the clasical music. It will be a real pity if RON does not incorporate Apple Music clasical as a new service as TIDAL and Qobuz.
Could you give some information about this?

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No, it is part of the Apple Music app for no additional charge from Apple.

Lots of discussion in this thread:

Roon’s team would love to support this but I would assume and expect no interest from Apple. In the same manner there’s likely never going to be support for Apple Music in Roon, there will likely not be support for Apple Music Classical.

See this:

The burning question is will Apple Classical have more content than Apple Music does currently (given that it’s probably changing daily) or just a reformatted app

I have activated my 30 day trial to get a feel of it and to experiment with ways of getting signal around the place .

I was listening Marc Andre Hamelin Haydn , so I thought what better a test, MIA , all 3 volumes, plus the Mozart sonata set . Not an overwhelming start

Edit: is the app going to be iPhone only or iPad as well, the AppStore blurb only refers to iPhone

Primephonic did it very well, this is a rework of their software so I guess all the good bits will transfer, we hope ??

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Let’s see. As you know, tech companies over- promise and under-deliver.

I have an Apple One subscription, so it’s no extra expense for me. We’ll see.

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The new Apple clasical is based in the former PrimePhonic acquired by Apple three years ago
Primephonic was an excellent platform for classical, created by music professionals , completely different from Qobuz Tidal and Apple Music
So I expect Apple will utilized the approach of PrimePhonic they paid for it….,

Hope springs eternal…

Did I see iPhone only or will iPad work

I am Samsung phones only …