iOS devices crashing shortly after startup [See staff post]

933 sorted this issue for me. Same phone.

I seem to be sorted as well.

935 seems to have reintroduced the crash for me. Anyone else?


935 crashes for me on my iPhone yes. iPad version is rock solid.


Same here. It’s back. Again Roon is the one and only app doing this.

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I don’t recall having crashes before but today the remote crashes on my iPhone reliably. It doesn’t run long enough for me to pick anything to play. :frowning:

Version 1.8.00935 appears to have been automatically installed yesterday.

Edit: Restarting the iPhone appears to help. I don’t have any VPNs configured. I do have two SIMs installed and active, but I’m on Wi-Fi when using Roon.


Yup, the newest version (935) is back to crashing. It was fixed (or at least didn’t happen) in the previous version. Seems like your server hotfix broke your iphone-fix again.

Considering the amount of stuff going south in the past few builds…do you guys do any regression testing? If so, it looks like you don’t do enough regression testing…


Still crashing here with the latest update (935).

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A data point. My wife has the same model phone, same network etc obviously, and roon does not crash on her phone, but does on mine (also doesn’t crash on my ipad).

Also on 935 and app is crashing all the time. Usually after 20-ish seconds. Doesn’t matter if I use the app or just leave it be.
Very annoying. I totally agree with the remark on regression testing.

Model: iPhone SE 2020

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@support - could we have an update on your activity re this re-occuring issue. If there is some?


The IOS app is unusable this weekend. If you search, it crashes, if you add something to the library, it crashes. If you check the signal path, you get the ideas.

Seems like this is a very well documented issue across many iOS devices and versions of ios.

@support what are you doing about this? Thanks

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I have started having crashes on loading the app, it’s causing my iPad Pro 12.9 to restart, logs are available if anyone from @support needs them.
The core is Windows 11 64 Pro (Headless) but auto update is disabled so, in theory, no recent updates.
iPadOS 15.4.1

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Another update/data point. Using build 943, Roon seems stable now. I don’t know if this happened around the app update or not, but there have not been other changes in my network.

EDIT: I take it back. It’s crashing again. I don’t know what changed.

I am in the 15 day intro period and while I initially LOVED this capability and the quality of the whole experience, I am also experiencing my iPhone13 dropping out after a just few short seconds. It worked for the first day and now nothing else fixes this. I see from the string here that this problem isn’t new and isn’t close to resolution. I can’t operate with things the way they are so I’ll cancel my subscription hoping that my email will be saved and maybe the staff can notify users who sign up for a trial and discover these issues. I’d come back if I knew this would work as it is intended.

Welcome to the community Scott, presumably you have already rebooted core, phone etc.?