Network Bizarreness with a TP-Link SG108e Switch

For years, I’ve had a cheapo 1 Gbit network switch (a Konig CMP-EHUB52) at the hub of our home network. Whilst the network, and Roon in particular, has been running faultlessly, I thought I’d swap it out for a more modern switch, with simple management features. I bought a TP-Link SG108e, which has had good reviews.

I swapped the switches, and immediately Roon started giving lots of problems. Sub-second dropouts and skipping in playback. Sometimes at the end of a track, Roon reported difficulty in loading an audio file, and then I saw many tracks flashing past before Roon started playing a track.

The TL-SG108e was upgraded to the latest firmware (1.0.2) without any improvement.

Needless to say, I’ve swapped the switches back, and all the problems have vanished.

If it would be of interest to Roon Labs, I can volunteer to put the TL-SG108e back in place and send you the Roon logs to see if the cause of these problems can be identified.

Geoff, If you need to replace your existing switch, I can recommend these. I am using these (four of them) and they are a reliable one-gigabit 8-port switch.

Best, Robert

Hi Geoff,

I think that’s the type of stuff that causes the Roon guys to pull out their hair.

We should flag @support so they can have a look at it.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks, Robert. Unfortunately, that precise model doesn’t seem to be available here in the Netherlands. The closest seems to be the WRT SE4008 as perhaps the big brother.

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Same issue with TPLINK.
Swapped back for NETGEAR GS108. Working flawlessly.

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