Roon and Sonos Connect

I have a Sonos Connect now serving as an endpoint to connect to my system. I’m using Tidal HiFi. Can I use Roon software and control everything with a Samsung Note 4? (Android).


Not Today. Sonos is great.

Thanks…since I am not a technophile I guess your response is no?

Hi @DrJRapp – we are looking into what’s possible here, and we would love to support Sonos in the future.

Unfortunately, as Danny said in the thread linked above:

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Any more news on viability of a Sonos endpoint for Roon?


Still no progress on using Sonos as a (wireless) endpoint?
One of the great things of Roon is that it is one interface for all your audio needs. I think a lot of ‘Rooners’ would love this option.
It benefits both Roon and Sonos.

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There’s always this update by @danny, I guess:

This thread sets out a proposed new product from Sonore which will enable Roon to send audio to UPnP devices. I do not know if it would work with Sonos but have linked it for interest.

Pretty sure this is shipping in 1.3. It’s in testing now. No we aren’t looking for more beta testers :slight_smile:


If Roon will support the Sonos devices directly then we will not work to supporting it.

Sonos endpoints will be handy in my bedroom system. More importantly, with a slew of them already in use, Roon membership trials could be expanded for Sonos users. The more the merrier!!!

Any hint on when 1.3 will be available? Sonos support will be a wonderful addition to the Roon service.

we were hoping that itd be out by thanksgiving, but it looks like end of year is most likely.


An exciting, delayed Christmas gift for Roon/Sonos clients. Can’t wait and this may be enough for me to buy the lifetime subscription. Thanks.

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