Roon not responding in my PC but still able to connect via iPad

(I’m assuming that), Roon does not upload on my PC but luckily) I am able to access it via iPad.
I reload the program with the same results. Any suggestions?


Hello @jose_esteban,

Does this mean that Roon is failing to start on your PC? What exactly are you seeing?

Can you please use this thread as a guide and provide more details regarding your setup?

Exactly what I mentioned: Roon never finish opening up the whole program and the not responding message is visible. A blue circle keeps on circling and that’s it.

The interesting thing is that although I cannot operate Roon from my PC, I can do it from the iPad application!!!

I cannot elaborate any further because that’s all. I downloaded the program twice with the same results. Any ideas?

Fill in the information about your system that Noris asked for, without it there is not enough for us to help.

Hello @jose_esteban,

What kind of PC are you using? What is it’s model/manufacturer/operating system?

Knowing these details will help us better understand your setup and provide the proper troubleshooting steps.

Which version of Roon did you install? Was it the regular version Roon.exe or Roon.dmg or did you install RoonServer.exe / RoonServer.dmg?

Uff, I don’t know if I know how to answer the questions. I downloaded Roon control, core and output as well a Roon server for Windows 74 bit v. 10 several years ago when I started Roon membership. Roon is automatically upgraded without my intervention.
Windows 10 is equally upgrade (last, a few weeks ago). I remote control Roon with Apple iOS (iPad).
This PC (exclusively used for music is connected to the internet (Spectrum) via switch where also I have connected the streamer/DAC (Auralic Vega G2) as well as a Melco where I have about 2,000 cds.
When I turn the PC on, Roon directly appears but, somehow gets stack with the not responding message. As I mentioned before, I am able to stream and have fully use of Roon features through my IPad therefore Roon works but not in my PC.
And that is all the info that I can provide. Sorry if that does not answer your questions. As you probably have figure out, my knowledge of PCs, softwares, hardwares etc is very basic. I you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.thanks, jose

Are you running roon server or just roon on the pc? Only the later has a graphical interface.

You my be suffering a gfx driver issue if your pc is older model or using some specific intel HD graphics drivers.

Hi @jose_esteban,

If you are running a RoonServer + Roon setup (where RoonServer is the Core), you can try to perform a reinstall of just the UI aspect of Roon to see if that sorts out the issue.

  • Make a Backup of your current Roon Database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Reinstall the Roon App from our Downloads Page to generate a new Roon folder

Thanks for your input. Not sure how to ask the question. As I installed Roon for Windows 64 bits that included the server, core, control and output from the Roon web site. I have a streamer and a Melco with my music. I control everything with an iPad. Nothing has changed in the system for four years until now when Roon gets stacked unable to complete the cicle so I would not be able to control the music if I want to use the PC but I can with the iPad.
The PC dedicated mostly to music was put together by Puget Systems. It has an Intel Corei5 with 8 GB of RAM. The operating system is x64-based processor.
Again, the PC is capable and has performed fine until now
I re-installed the server and the Roon (1.7 build 571) but I get the same issue. That is all the info that I am able to give you. Does it help?.

Sorry Noris, I missed your post. Thanks for your input.
I cannot backup my Roon data base since Roon does not complete the downloading (not responding) In my PC and I don’t know how to do it or if I can from I pad. Any suggestions?

Noris, I was able to follow your instructions: backup data from my iPad, rename the Roon folder but when I tried to reinstall Roon, the process got hanged up again with a difference: now I can not access roon with my iPad: NO MUSIC. Very frustrating. Any other suggestion?

Hi @jose_esteban,

Did you reinstall the Roon Server aspect as well or just the RoonUI? It sounds like you might have accidentally reinstalled the server, and if you did this without backing up your library, you can run into issues.

Do you still have the RoonServer_old folder? I would rename that back to RoonServer to get your old database up and running, the instructions above was just for renaming your Roon folder.

Thanks again for your help. I did as you told me: backup the Roon data base, renamed Roon file as Roon-old and downloaded the Roon application.When it did not work, I went back to my Roon . At thisoit I have Roon (267 MB), Roongoer (0bytes), Roon server (230MB) and RAAT server Which I don’t know if is part of Roon or not in the Appdata directory.
With that info, what do you think that I should do.?. Thank you again and sorry to bother you. If you think that deleting everything and starting new even losing all the data is the way to go, please let me know how. I am willing to do it. Better than no music at all.

Hello @jose_esteban,

Do you have any older backups of your Roon database? Have you made many edits to your previous library that you’d like to keep?

This might be the less painful solution, I would do the following - move the Roon/RoonServer folders out of your AppData directory, to a place like your desktop while we sort this out.

Then, re-download Roon/RoonServer from our Downloads Page, install it, set up the new database and verify if this work as expected.

Once you have the new database in place we can look into restoring any old backups you have (if you have any that is).

Hello Noris, I moved all Roon folders and downloaded Roon server and Roon. Same results: Roon appears with he Hi Jose greeting but it does not go any further the blue circle continues circling and the upper left says Not responding. The difference is that before I could enter the server with my iPad. Now I cannot.
Should I delete anything Roon from the PC and start new?
By the way, the backup folder is there but it appears that is empty.
Thanks very much again, jose

Hi @jose_esteban,

Can you please access your Roon logs under both Roon and RoonServer and send them to me?

They are in the same location as the folders you originally renamed, but now should be the ones with the fresh database.

If you can send them via Dropbox / Google Drive please do so (you are also free to private message me a link by clicking my name -> message).

If you don’t have Dropbox / Drive just let me know and I’ll provide an alternate upload location.

Sorry I don’t know how to do that. I am an Apple person (very basic at that). The PC came recently for the music and although I know that there is a way to save the screen contents, I don’t seem to find where. Sorry for being so difficult…

Hi @jose_esteban,

I can certainly clarify on my previous message:

There’s a Logs folder under RoonServer and Roon in your Mac ~Library path, please right click on each of the Logs folder and press “Compress”.

Then once you have compressed the log files, you can upload them to me, I will create an account for you on our diagnostics servers and send you a link via private message.

These logs look like Roon_log.01.txt - Roon_log.20.txt (could be shorter than 20). Please send these to me so I can take a look for further clues, thanks!