Roon Remote iOS/Android Freeze with "Waiting for RoonServer" After Inactivity [Investigating]

Roon Server Machine

macOS 14.2.1 CPU = M1, RAM = 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi UDM PRO, Switch US 16 PoE 150W, AC Pro WLAN units

Connected Audio Devices

USB only, 3 different endpoints

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

It happened before in “early access” mode. Meanwhile I switched back for all devices because of this issue. Issue is: iOS remotes do regularly freeze and need restarts. Core plays well and remotes stay in sync for a while but often they get stuck at a moment while core continues playing.

Hi @Ronny_Stratling,

Thank you for the report. Specifically, does this happen when after entering a text query in the Filter input of your library pages (Albums, Tracks, etc.)

Not really. I start some music e.g. an album. Then “sometimes” w/o any further interaction before (music still playing - let’s say track 8) I unlock the screen of the phone, go to roon and see it is still hanging on track 3 and does not allow me anything. I restart the app and everything is fine again.

iOS Version is 17.2.1

similar to me. As soon as the phone (iPhone 13Pro / iOS.Vers. 17.2.1) is locked and woken up again, 70% of Roon is stuck in the previous view and no longer responds to input.
The app must be closed and restarted.
I only have this behavior with the Roon app.
Over time it became more and more common.


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Roon Server Machine

Nucleus Plus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

iPhone app freezes frequently.

I have this happening on a new iPhone 15 and the last iPhone I had.

Everything else works great. My Nucleus+ was recently sent back to you for repairs and works perfectly now. So this appears to be an issue with the iPhone app specifically?

If I close the app and restart it, then it works again. For a while.

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Sounds like possibly the issue that was under investigation here and in other related threads.

Hi guys,
I have the same problem with my iPhone 15 (IOS 17.3)
I need often close and re-open Roon app because is blocked.

Hi @William_Hilleary & @Marco_Fullone ,

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date when you next get into this state? Once you provide this information, we will enable diagnostics mode for your account and what that does is upload a log set from your iOS device to our servers for review.

@Suedkiez - The issue that we have reproduced is regarding the missing images/text and temporary delay when filtering artists/albums, not a complete freeze on a Roon Remote. So for this aspect specifically, we will need to investigate further. We will work on clarifying this in our message there.

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Thanks for the kind answer.
this blocking problem on the Roon screen happens very often and to go back to working on the application I have to close and reopen it. It has been happening for several days, since mid-January 2024

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Really we have two threads full of users with this issue and have given feedback and logs, and you haven’t looked into it? It’s been happening for over two months and more users post about it all the time. The issue was neve missing text it’s the app crashing under the hood yet the remote still operates, you start to loose images then you move to page not cached Roon jellyfish. This is very disappointing.

This was changed to investigating same as the other thread which covers same issues. I think someone seems to be looking at the wrong thing as the other thread posted by @Suedkiez is about the same issue as my one.

I will try to send you the exact time of the problem tomorrow.

At midnight, feb 02

On the albums section are you using any filter?

In my case the application in addition to losing the content of the images freezes, it no longer connects to the core and to be able to do some operation I have to close it and reopen it.

I haven’t really found a similar discussion already opened by others. If you know the solution to the problem or have already read it on another group please give me the link

It sounds very similar to whats happening in the other linked threads. What I was asking is do you have any active filter in the album page at all. As this seems to be a trigger in some cases but not all. Do you get the cannot connect screen after you try to navigate to another page?

I don’t use any filters except album display parameters (by year, popularity, etc.)

Have not been able to get it to freeze lately. Used it a lot last night and saw no issues. If it does again I will let you know.

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So you don’t use the funnel filter at all to narrow down what’s listed? Does it freeze when phones left for screen to go into sleep or if your using other apps then switch back to Roon?
E.g filter I mean.

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