Tidal Syncing Issues [Ticket Open]

@noris Still not working for me.

@jtnt I have the same slowness with Tidal like you are describing.

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You could try loading the core from scratch and basically start over. Just be sure to backup your database so you can reload it.

To begin, long-time user and huge fan of Roon, which saved my music life after disastrous outings with other platforms.

For some reason, Tidal is not fully syncing inside Roon – i.e., I have 528 albums favorited in Tidal, and only 105 of these albums have appeared after a full day of syncing in non-sleep mode. After reading the Roon community board, I removed the full “Roon” folder from the Finder library entirely, then reset my MacBook Pro back to factory settings, then installed and launched a fresh copy of Roon, but no joy. After a full day, the Tidal section of services still says, “Syncing library now,” which can’t be true, since only a fraction of my Tidal favorites appears in Roon. Any ideas?

Late 2018 15" MBP (32GB RAM, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9) running latest version of MacOS Mojave (10.14.2)
Roon version 1.5, build 363, 64.bit
Tidal version, (W: 3.6.3–3) (NP: I have a “master” subscription.

Thanks for any input/suggestions.

Hello @Graham_Galt,

I have moved your post over into this thread for better tracking of this issue. I have enabled diagnostics mode on your account and can confirm that the diagnostics from your machine are reporting the same issue as the above users. The dev team is aware and investigating the cause, I will be sure to update you here as soon as I have more information to share.


Okay – thanks. Please note that I went through last night and manually loaded all my Tidal favorites into Roon, then conducted a backup. Thought this was a reasonable workaround until a fix is found. Thanks for responding so quickly.


Is there any update from @support on this? What is the root cause, has something changed on Tidal side? It seems suddenly people are having sync problems.

I am not on my normal home machine but loaded a backup on my laptop. It has been trying to sync for 10 days and has not completed. Just shows sync in progress.


This is a looking like a server-side issue (on our servers) and we are working on it.

For now nothing you guys can do, but the good news is I don’t think this will require an update – once we get this fixed on our end everything should be back to normal.

Sorry for the trouble here folks – we’re on it, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

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Thanks for the update!

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Was this resolved?

Hello @Paula_Dickerson, we are still working on it at this time.
Myself or someone from the Roon team will be sure to let you know of any updates in this thread.


@noris @mike Is there some sort of work around? Is this due to the size of our libraries? Can you provide a little more ocntext, this is gone on for quite some time now…

I don’t know if I should logout of Tidal and log back in or if that will make it worse.

Please advise…

No, to all of these questions – this is just a bug on our servers :frowning:

The good news is that we have identified the problem, and have had a fix in testing for about 24 hours. Things are looking good, and once we get a thumbs up from QA, we’ll roll it out to our production servers and this will resolve itself.

Not the answer anyone wants to hear (or give) but the good news is that I think we’re very close, and the second the fix is live, we’ll let everyone know.

Apologies again for the trouble here everyone – looking forward to resolving this soon.


Looking forward to this being resolved - spent half an hour last night problem solving before doing the obvious and checking the forum :roll_eyes:

Is this likely to be the cause of my slow tidal searching and adding to library issues.

I’m happy to report that as of this morning TIDAL syncing is working again. Thank you!

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I was contacted by Noris about my Tidal syncing issues and he looked at my Nucleus Core log files and thought that it was a network problem on my end. I had my Nucleus connected via ethernet to a local switch on an outlet in my Living Room. I moved it into another room where it is now connected to the ethernet via a wall jack which connects the main switch at the cable modem in the basement where the service comes in. I don’t know all of the correct terminology so please forgive me if my description is confusing. In any event, try connecting the core directly to your router or switch. Thanks, Noris and Roon for your help and quick replies.


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Hello All,

Our devs have made significant progress towards resolving this issue and a fix is live, although you may need to reboot your Core to start seeing the new behavior.

If you’re still having issues syncing after a Core reboot let us know. Thanks again for your patience here!

– Noris

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