Is there a way to automatically set the default version to local?

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Hi There,

It would be great if there was a way you could automatically select what version of albums would be the default.

Everythiung local for me is the highest quality, but it keeps sometimes selecting qobuz or tidal as the default/primary albums… I really don’t want this. Especially if my subscription lapses and then it just won’t play.

Similar sentiments on this post Changing Primary Version of an Album in my Library - #2 by jamie

possible somehow to automate this or is there a setting to ‘always make local music primary album’

This would be a feature much desired

When playing albums, Roon does default to the local version. This was causing unhappiness in another thread where the local files are poor quality. So I guess you are maybe not talking about that, but when using Roon Radio or things like that?

There is a current thread about that here:

And an answer in this post:

And a link in that post to the feature request where you can vote for it

I guess to Clarify, i would love a check box to literally just tick ‘Make highest quality local copies default primary album’

For consistency, this would mean after adding a streaming service album and purchasing say qobuz copy once you decide its a favourite you want to own, when those tracks are imported its not set to default. It would be great to do 1 pass on the entire library that automatically does this.

And further to this, syncing the hearted tracks to the primary copy would be excellent.

It’s tedious as to

  1. Add album to library from streaming service
  2. Heart some tracks as u come to like that album
  3. decide to purchase
  4. album is added to library, but is not primary copy
  5. hearts stay with streaming album, making them useless as you no longer use that version of the album.

It’s very very convoluted and annoying. I feel that when you group albums, they should be synced anyway and treated as 1 album.

I agree. This relates to the following threads and feature suggestions (there are many more):

And at the root of it it’s probably this:


Plenty for Roon to Achieve hey… I feel nervous. These are core features of library type management.

The addition of streaming led to many conundrums about equivalence of albums and where the metadata is stored, in versions of an album or in a higher level that applies to all versions. Not all of it is easy to solve. Credits, for instance, might be common to all versions or not - think bonus tracks. I hope it’s going to be solved, the current situation with this can be annoying. I have stopped making big edits to streaming albums that may then disappear or be replaced. I think an easier stop gap would be giving us the option to manually apply edits from one album to another

There just needs to be a button “keep all grouped albums in sync” and “always make local album copy default”

Essentially any metadata edits or hearted songs on one album should be applied to all other versions when you have them grouped as albums

It should also then auto fail over and play songs from the whole grouped album if say a playlist has a tidal song and it gets pulled… roon should be smart enough to play that song from one of the other album versions in the group. Currently it just fails or skips

These two things frustrate me daily

From my perspective that’s just not true. Examples:

  • An album reissue may have an engineering credit that only applies to the reissue
  • A user may want to apply a heart only to a particular version

Luckily it’s not us who have to solve this :slight_smile:
Very frustrating though, I agree

That’s why it should be an option u can choose not default

Syncing hearts is a common one, I use hearts to mark the best songs on an album but if I go purchase it from qobuz and add that as a local copy all the hearts are gone…… silly system imo

Yeah, I already had agreed with that,

I just thought you meant “any metadata” by default should be added to all versions. It’s probably the case for most, but not all.

I agree, I just think there are other use cases as well

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