More Sources! Pretty Please?

I’m having trouble justifying this software much longer. I’m sure what the folks at Roon are doing is a titanic undertaking and I’m not denigrating that effort. Having said that – I just invested $500 into a competitive product. The interface is far less elegant… But oh man - it comes with literally dozens of sources including Amazon HD… Right now on this platform - 3 choices: Tidal at $26 a month, Qobuz at $14, or live radio. It just seems to me that maybe less work on the interface and more work on content integration and deals? I’m not gonna pay $26 anymore for Tidal when Amazon HD is $8 and has the same stuff… so Roon has become a REALLY expensive way to listen to public radio. I love my public radio at 44.1/16… I do… but for $150 a year… maybe I buy more hardware?

I currently pay for Apple, Apple match, Spotify, Sirius (x 3), Radio Paradise, Amazon HD, TuneIn, Pandora, Roon and Tidal (not mentioning MLB, GCN, Netflix, PGA LIVE etc etc). Tidal is the one that irritates at $26, and Roon seems quaint when you look at different technology companies in the same space and see choices like this, all of them pretty well integrated. Maybe less interface, more content?


I kinda wish Roon and Amazon HD would get into bed together. It would fill the gaps in Qobuz. I left Tidal because of the whole “you’re getting MQA whether you want it or not’ approach”.


To me, anything more than Qobuz is a waste. But, I know that a huge chunk of Roon subscribers want Amazon HD, Spotify lossless and / or Apple Music HD. So, I will say a prayer that as many of y’all as possible get your wishes

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Neil, don’t get me wrong - I love Qobuz. It’s just there are a few artists/albums missing.

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I know. I rarely stream anything, thus my comments. From your posts I have seen, I’m aware of your streaming likes, and dislikes.

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If its not a rude question which competitive product , maybe PM if you don’t want to offend !!

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I would say Bluesound Node or another product running BluOS :slight_smile:

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Thanks , just interested in anything new

I would like Idagio integration with Roon

I run the Roon Nucleus thru a NAD “Roon Ready” DAC. The NAD and BlueSound uses the BluOS app so it’s the best of both worlds. Without question, the Roon has far better fidelity but the BluOS supports a huge number of streaming services like Spotify, Apple and Deezer all of which will soon have lostless audio.

And it’s does none of them well at all. It’s not a unified approach with each API giving a different look and feel to each other. I hated BluOS the moment I tried it. Thankfully it supported Roon to take that mess of an app and experience away. Less is more in my book. Quality over quantity any day of the week. Blusound make no effort in any of their implementations , Amazon was very limited in my experience with it on BluOS. Spotify is ok as it’s connect which is not using their app at all and I guess you can Tidal connect know as well
Butt I would never trade one unified interface for both my own music and streaming like a precision cooks knife for a Swiss army knife thats BluOS.

It’s doesn’t really support Apple music it supports Airplay as a source. If any other player would garner Apple support I would bet on it being them though as they have their streaming model in a wide range of manufacturers kit these days.

No need for another feature request topic on this. :innocent: If you’d like to see a particular service supported in Roon, it’s always best to click the like button on any of the existing threads for that service. Thanks!